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    Adidas Barricade 2021

    ...and for once the big ol' 'adidas' on the medial side is black on black, therefore invisible
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    Berrettini's ankle braces

    Think you'd find they "seem lightweight and not bulky" because his lower legs and wrists are the same diameter :eek:
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    Adidas Barricade 2021

    Having watched the entire match and his gestures involving the shoe (the smirk on his face while testing the traction) I would assume that he wasn't feeling that secure with the grip he was getting on those fast courts. If the Parley SoleCourt Boosts he dug out from his locker had custom soles...
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    Adidas Barricade 2021

    Eh? That means nothing...he is one of the adidas players that pretty much exclusively wear the Solecourt and Ubersonic line. Only time he ever wore Barricades since moving to adidas was on grass (limited options there with SCBs and UBs). Fact that he isn't wearing Barricades doesn't say much...
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    Your favourite commentators? And the ones you dislike?

    Courier, Goodall, Koenig and Samantha Smith for the absolute WIN :cool:
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    Calling Foot Faults - Do you call it or no?

    Dead-easy solution: ban pinpoint serves at the rec level. It's clearly too much movement for amateurs to reliably control. You're welcome :cool:
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    Can I play tennis with walking shoes?

    Your ankles will wear out quicker :D
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    Rublev testing Head blackout

    By all accounts they already his account :cool:
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    Manners on tthe Court

    Usually...usually...the strongest player of the four will have the most accurate insight on the levels involved, so would usually leave it to them to make that specific call. Not the other way around.
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    what tennis pro coupling would produce the next uber-talent prodigy?

    Schwartzmann + Pliskova Kygrios + Jabeur Moutet + Errani Evans + Putinseva Basilashvili + Ostapenko
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    Any advice for reacting faster to big serves?

    I'd add: - Stand a lot deeper than usual - Time your split-step to be just before contact, momentum moving forward - Use almost no backswing whatsover - Aim for the centre hash - Use open stance on both wings - Act like you're unfazed at all times :sneaky: Good luck!
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    Adidas Barricade 2021

    A few notable points for the busy/lazy :rolleyes:: - Clay version? Allllll the way in Spring 2022 - The outsole is a new compound and expected to be more durable than previous Barricades - The huge 'Adidas' on the medial side was initially supposed to say 'Barricade'...and is actually...
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    How Often Do You Take Toilet Breaks?

    Yeah oooonly if I can take my smartphone in my man-bag to text my dad/coach
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    Murray testing other Head racquets

    Sadly, he had to switch back to ol' faithful to hit the target one minute later at the 18-min mark :(
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    "Clay court" sneakers are barely any different

    Ok, jokes aside, I'll just say this - here in the UK I've managed to play on many types and grades of clay, from watered and well-maintained European red all the way to synthetic that is just a dusting of red sand on thin astroturf. My club happens to lie in-between: reasonably maintained...