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    Any ATP players with big/thick lower legs?

    Chung, Chang, Giron, Karatsev, McDonald
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    Federer “ I cannot accept it”

    Just like old man Fred, I'm Halle disappointed :cry:
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    Low key spicy rivalries

    Azarenka-Sabalenka Fognini-Berrettini Ostapenko-Kasatkina Fuscovics-Rublev Gaston-Mannarino Halep-Swiatek Rublev-Karatsev Andreescu-Bencic Korda, Moutet, Evans vs just about anyone
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    Just realised no women player deliberately showboats in matches!!??

    Check out Ons Jabeur sometime - her entire matches looks like a showboating masterclass. Supreme talent and future top tenner fer sherr :cool:
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    Natural gut tips

    Had two brand new stringjobs snap in the bag before (restrung FoC, thankfully) so now I throw a couple sachets of silica gel (like what you'd find in a shoebox) in my racquet compartment to pick up any moisture from condensation in the heat or whatever No oil or wax (Pacific Tough Gut and other...
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    Taking deep heavy spinny shots out of air with a OHBH.

    Absolutely...not sure why it's so hard for some of these dudes to visualise. The person I knew that did it best was in fact a guy in his late 60s who had started playing at age 40 after a lifetime of conference-level football/soccer. He could barely move, so would often end up in NML (or even...
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    Taking deep heavy spinny shots out of air with a OHBH.

    Yeah...what the hell am I talking about?
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    Taking deep heavy spinny shots out of air with a OHBH.

    Not at or slow incoming ball doesn't matter; all that matters is if you're prepped and in position. I do it all the time, but the racquet face needs to be fairly closed and the contact point still needs to be at least a bit out front. In my experience, if I can hit the TS OHBH off...
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    Who are your favorite new WTA players?

    Jabeur, Tauson, Kalinskaya, Schmeidlova, Badosa, Samsonova and Kudermetova, ...wouldn't miss a match with any of these seven :cool:
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    Nadal is GOAT volleyer according to Sinner

    Read Sinner's comments closely...Rafa is just the most opportunistic volleyer 8-B
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    Thiem: Dominic will play in Belgrade instead of Barcelona because he enjoyed Adria Tour

    Serbia Open guarantees crowd-ful days and shirt-free nights...Domi's no dummy :cool:
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    Rublev into the semis without playing a match

    There's no money like free money :giggle:
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    Post Pictures of Your Tennis Shoes!

    Still have that toe?
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    Most Beautiful Playing Styles

    Da Swisses, d-uh!