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    Which continent do you live in?

    I live on an island, so, sadly, I'm incontinent :confused:
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    Who will retire first?

    DjokoviQ Through no fault of his own, though :happydevil:
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    Adidas Barricade 7/Novak pro re-issue: Yea or Nay?

    GOAT shoe - bring it right back. Perfect, hallowed iteration of the Barricade! (y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)
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    lacoste is so expensive

    My $$$ deficiency means I'm lacoste intolerant :cry:
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    2019 Vienna ATP 500 General Discussion

    Prince of Clay sticking to clay-tread shoes on an indoor hardcourt...any more questions on Vienna's court-speed?
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    ATP European Open 2019 (Antwerp, Belgium)

    Can't wait for the Standy final tommorow
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    McEnroe - Kyrgios more talented than Federer and Nadal

    Ok, I get it J-Mac...Kygrios is the GIOAT Greatest 'If' Of All Time
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    Who’s got the prettiest style from active players with a 2HBH?

    The Frenchies Pwee, Jo-Willie and Benito
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    Federer on Mohamed Lahyani, "It Won't Happen Again"

    Safe to say MoLy won't preside over a Kygrios match for the rest of 2018 Minimum
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    Federer: "All the tennis players have to bow to Nadal"

    Arrogant Fred back at it again Doesn't consider himself a mere 'tennis player on the circuit'... Implying that - as GOAT - he needn't rush to bow down :rolleyes:
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    Most dangerous sports !!!

    and that's just as a spectator...! :eek:
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    Post an image or gif that describes something in tennis....

    Hey Fabio... I am king on this surface too, no? ;)