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    USTA and FFT (French Federation)..a few thoughts..

    what city do you live in in france?
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    Nike hoodie w/neon green zipper

    i have the obsidian/volt version of this. bought it on TT last year around september if i remember correctly?
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    vapor 9 id

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    How to remove lettering/logo from Nike N98 jackets?

    Could that be used to remove the RF logo from nike shirts too? isnt it risky?
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    What is the name of that place? I leave nearby I might stop by. Did they have stuff remaining?
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    Nike Spring 2013 Predictions/Hopes/Wants Thread

    Hasn't anyone talked about that henley RF shirt? Is it on Tennis Warehouse? On the bay for $5999? :)
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    For 9gag fellows

    this one is good from 9gag
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    Post Pictures of Your Tennis Shoes!

    just snatched a pair of 287 on the bay!! And it's the #286 which is pretty symbolic!
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    Federer vs. Tsonga Percy BNP Final 2011

    anyone has links to watch?
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    Nike 2k11 iD

    light v2 looks really cool
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    My RF Tour Shirt doesnt have a logo? What gives?

    I'll trade it with mine that does have a RF logo if you are willing to :)
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    The Gael MonClown Thread

    today at the US open qualifyer tournament. Monfils and Wawrinka training (more or less) And once Wawrinka lost:
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    Tennis matches Download!

    me too if it's not too much trouble thanks!