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    Hi to everyone

    Exactly why I started working out. Power is everything :)
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    Where is Oscar from?

    Florida, i win
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    Hi to everyone

    Could you get on AIM? I'd prefer not to disclose it here
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    Hi to everyone

    Just saying hi to all you guys and gals at TW. I'm still alive. I'm on the varsity team of my highschool in socal now; I'm one of the top on the team. I'll probably continue being a singles starter this year and I recently began working out (more than before). It's helping my game a lot and I'm...
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    Mods deleting posts arbitrarily

    If you don't like it, LEAVE.
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    Why most pros use slice only as a last resort?

    You lose to pushers. At that level people can't do much to slices.
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    Picture Battle

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    when does emotion cross the line

    When you lose points from it.
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    Grr My tennis coach won't let me play with a Wilson T3000

    Tennis is about winning.
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    Truth: The most difficult high school players

    Then they are not pushers. Pushers have no stroke and just tap and poke at the ball.
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    Critique my Forehand.

    Fabrice Santoro is amazing.
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    Mountain Bike:Hardtail or Full Suspension?

    You gotta learn w/ normal pedals! :D If I can bunny hop on a $250 costco full suspension piece of junk, anyone can bunny hop on anything, lol
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    The TW CHAT Club

    03:27:21pm <Lpd> Sampras could run a small mini-lawn mover on his chest, and then use glue to attach it to his head! 03:27:31pm <Pen_Express> And I woke up with stubble today so like I was telling Lakoste I am becoming a man ;o
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    Stringing your own

    I do :) I just broke the strings of my 2 vantages today against our #1 and had to default :(
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    Mountain Bike:Hardtail or Full Suspension?

    You can get power from pulling pedals up in addition to psuhing them down.