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    My labrum tear rehab

    Hey my friend. Some PMR docs do PRP. I have a friend in Oregon that does this almost exclusively.
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    My labrum tear rehab

    Hey my friend. Sorry to hear you’re continuing to have such shoulder problems. Hang in there.
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    Need alternative sport

    Cycling comes to mind - I love mt biking especially. Great cardio and gets you out in nature. Google sports and see what you might like.
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    Tennis at Bally‘s Las Vegas

    Was there in April. Went to public courts instead. Fairly short drives and free.
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    The truth about racquet material innovation

    Great post IMO. Took my Head MG pro and PK 7G out last week to compare to my PP100p and PS97 and old Prestige IG and honestly the "older" sticks were better in my opinion. Gonna be a stringaholic in the future I think vs a racquetholic.
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    What happens around 60?

    Your nutritionist is correct.
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    Selling/buying shipping boxes?

    I can empathize. Had 8-10 boxes but have successfully sold many and used the boxes. Still have “several” core racquets I can’t part with for now. Good luck.
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    Selling/buying shipping boxes?

    6-7! Buying spree I guess! Like it!;)
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    Heavy vs light.

    Light racquet encourages bad technique encourages overuse injuries/TE. Go heavy. I'm 62, use a RF97 and weighted up PS 97 and old Prestige now mostly.
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    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    The above docs have clarified this exquisitely. 99+ percent of theses things are non serious soft tissue injuries that heal with time. As we get older the “time” increases almost it feels like exponentially in my opinion. I see pts all the time with sports related injuries. Many think an MRI is...
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    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    First sorry you’re injured. What are you exactly frustrated about? The PA being a trained medical professional? Not being able to get an MRI? That your not fully back playing after a week or so? That PT isn’t the right thing? What did you want done and what expectations were or we’re not met...
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    Best shipping service for racquets?

    Update on this I’m my local area. USPS does not allow this anymore. Was great while it lasted. They’ve become very difficult.
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    Head Microgel OS

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    Yonex Vcore Tour f 97

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    There is no better racquet then the Wilson RF 97a, won't you agree?

    Ha yup. Oh to be young and fit! Age takes its toll. Enjoy!