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    Tennis clubs in St. Pete/Clearwater area

    I may be relocating to the St. Petersburgh/Clearwater, FL area. Anyone on these boards familiar with any good tennis clubs in that immediate area? Looking for clubs with good junior programs for my kids, but also some decent 4.5-5.0 NTRP level players as well. Don't want to have to drive all the...
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    Anyone heard this old song of Elton's?

    it's called This Town. Good tune.
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    Prince CTS Storm Oversize

    I have two. I'll dig them up and check their condition and grip sizes. At least one of them is a 4 1/2, the other is either a 4 1/2 or 4 3/8. I also have a mid-plus in a 4 3/8 grip.
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    What is the difference between racquets?

    One big disadvantage of the inexpensive frames purchased at places such as WalMart is the stock string job - poor quality nylon usually strung way too low. I'll assume that if your parents think a WalMart frame is good enough, they also wouldn't understand why you would ever need to pay $20 for...
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    Where do you live???

    Seattle, WA
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    "Buttery" "Smooth" "Soft" Racquets?

    good list I agree 100 percent with these four racquets. Very nice "buttery" feel. They make you work, but your work is rewarded.
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    You know what.. I am tired of..

    Same argument, different era. It used to be the wood racquet purists screaming at players experimenting with the new steel or aluminum frames. Then came graphite and, through the years, other materials that seemingly were lighter and stiffer. It also used to be the small-head purists screaming...
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    Girl In Pink on TW front page

    damn, it says she's 6-feet tall.
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    What if Roddick wins the FO?

    If Roddick wins the French Open.... ...I hope he doesn't try to stow the trophy in the airplane's overhead bin.
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    using crosstraining shoes for tennis

    mcenroe used to use cross trainers to play tennis. they're usually lighter, but the soles don't last nearly as long as tennis shoes do. cross trainers, unlike running shoes, do provide lateral support.
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    Squash strings on tennis racquets ?!?!

    Back in the 80s, i used to use gosen squash strings all the time on my tennis racquets. the former vietnamese davis cuppper who strung my frames told me they were the exact same strings, just packaged and marketed differently.
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    Best 3/4- or mid-cut shoe out there

    I'm guessing there probably aren't many mid-cut or 3/4 shoes out there, but what's the best of the bunch?
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    Your First Racquet?

    Jack Kramer Autograph. There may have been one or two earlier frames I picked up before I started taking tennis seriously, but the Kramer Autograph was the one I consider my first serious racquet.
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    Yonex question: To drop 5% for crosses or not?

    Questions for the stringing professionals out there: Should I drop the tension in the crosses by 5% in my RDX 500 MP? Or does Yonex not recommend it?
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    How long have you played tennis?

    been playing 25 years. at peak, played in a pro league in florida, 5.0-5.5 NTRP in northern california. now, sandbagging in 4.5s in seattle, but also playing much less than i used to.