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    Nadal's success at the US Open feels even more astonishing now

    People have been denigrating some of his recent US Open wins as "cakewalks". The "Berretini Open", where he best Danil Medvedev in the final was dismissed as an easy title, despite Medvedev being the clear form hardcourt player of that year. . Yet Medvedev destroyed Djokovic, the "hardcourt...
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    The real slam race is between Federer and Djokovic for 2nd & 3rd

    I lose interest when Rafa isn't playing. I congratulated Novak when he beat Rafa at the French and congratulated him for winning Wimbledon again yesterday (search for my post. It's there). Otherwise if Rafa ain't playing, I got no need to hang on this board. Or did you want me...
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    Congrats to Novak & his fans

    Djokovic is the GOAT right now as far as I'm can change, but it would require Nadal to step up in a huge way, and I'm not sure he has enough left in him to do it. But it ain't over. As great a year as Djokovic is having at slams, if Nadal has a surge and finishes ahead of...
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    Nadal is unplayable at the moment.

    It was a good call at the time. Novak hadn't beaten Rafa on clay since Obama was president. Good for Novak, but it's hardly the end of the world for Rafa, who never needs to win another match at Roland Garros to have unprecedented dominance at a single slam. And Novak needs to beat Tsitsipas in...
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    RG 2021 SF: Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic

    Congrats to Novak! I'll be rooting for Tsitsipas in the final though.LOL! Rafa was pretty inconsistent in this match. And getting to prone to inexplicable mental collapses.The story of his clay season to be honest. He needs to regain that consistency, at least for the slams. But I won't write...
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    2nd most important match in Novak’s career

    They are already using an excuse in anticipation of Novak losing. "Clay Skew" Same old false idol GOAT excuses the Federinas used.
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    Nadal is unplayable at the moment.

    I know this is a jinx thread. But.... ....Diego woke up God Mode Rafa by winning that set. The last 6-0 Bagel set by Nadal was virtually flawless. If he goes into the semi-finals with the form and mood of today's final set, it will be an ugly outcome for whomever his opponent is. I want...
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    Rafa fans: Chill and have some faith in your guy

    You sure it's not just a lot of Strongrule posts that make it seem like more than it is? LOL!
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    Rafa fans: Chill and have some faith in your guy

    Ummm....way to generalise OP. I'm a Rafa fan, and I don't panic or lose any sleep over him losing a set to a historically tough match- up for him in Diego (who snapped Rafa's last consecutive sets won streak at RG). I fully believe Nadal is winning his 21st slam on Sunday, and no one can stop him
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    Nadal beat TWO RG champions as a 16 year old in the same clay season

    It's why old arguments about Federer having the most talent and Nadal just being a less talented workhorse never made any sense to me. To be doing what Nadal did at such a young age requires incredible talent.
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    Naomi Osaka IS women's tennis

    Honestly, I think there should be an escalating punishment for skipping a certain amount of press conferences. A 15K fine each time obviously means nothing to someone as wealthy as Osaka. But getting a tournament ban for skipping say 3 to 5 press conferences consecutively might make Osaka...
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    Naomi Osaka IS women's tennis

    You could say the same thing about several female players in the last decade though, not just Muguruza. Sloane Stephens could probably have been even bigger than Osaka if she had any consistency. Osaka has the star quality and consistency. Winning 4 slams will do that. There were a bunch of...
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    Naomi Osaka IS women's tennis

    If Swiatek defends the French Open title and starts to get results at other slams, I can easily see her rivaling or surpassing Osaka as the new face of female tennis. She has that likability and rooting factor that makes a star. Unfortunately, the likes of Ashleigh Barty don't have that...
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    Rafa's statue at RG

    "Don't give him no statue...give 'im guts!!"
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    The Djokovic - Nadal rivalry has become more surface dependent than ever before

    Bingo. It's almost comical how Djokovic fans ignore this crucial reality and act as if all hardcourts are the same. Nadal's best hardcourts are in the North American Summer hardcourt swing. Djokovic often fails to meet Nadal in that part of the hardcourt season, where Nadal's game would have a...