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    Djoker owns the highest level of tennis in open era

    That was 3 years ago. And Now even more so. Too bad Fedal fans. Djoker is now the GOAT, accept it, be in peace with it. get used to it. Cuz he deserves it. Have a good day.
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    2021 Rome masters final :- (1) Djokovic [SRB] v/s (2) Nadal [ESP]

    About 11 hrs to start, is that about right?
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    Roland Garros 2020 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Rafael Nadal [2]

    How many hours from now the match starts ??
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    A Horese named Nadal In case you missed it. Doing pretty well. Opps, Horse, not Horese!
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    What went wrong at 40-15 for Federer?

    I was hoping for a body serve. He never does that. This would've been a good time
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    Analysis of Federer-Nadal match by Craig O’Shannessy

    I am trying to find Oshanessey's analysis, where is it?
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    Rafa untimely cheater manuvers

    You forgot coaching. The mob in his box kept the pantomime going after the first set. what was behind The 6-1 second set is not clear. What's clear is Fed is no Kyrgios, he doesnt get rattled or spin out of control because of antiques on the other side. The bully lost, and that's what matters.
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    Why was Nadal Fogged in straights Today?

    Some reasons may be considered: 1- He was injured 2- He doesnt care about Masters 3- Uncle Toni showed up and messed him up with some bad advice 5- High bouncing FH 4- Add your own... Well, the ball wasnt high bouncing in US open when Nadal got Fogged. And he cared about a grand slam, I guess...
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    The Bull is back

    The one and only tennis Matador
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    The Bull is back

    The bull is back, in the hands of the Matador
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    Jelena Jankovic sells her San Diego home!

    Anyone who bought a million dollar home or lot in SD in 2008 made hundreds of thousands, if not millions.
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    Lendl said it, and he is very credible

    More credible than Johney Mc. Even though he has said the same thing
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    Better commentator - Patrick or John?

    Patrick is a matter-of-fact commentator. He's above basic, but lacks creativity. He does not have an analytical eye for the match. John sees and suggest tactics and strategy to some extent. Mixes it with some sense of humor. If provoked by Fowler he can talk his mind and defend his opinions...