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    Doubles return of serve (avoiding the net player)

    I see many players treat a doubles serve like a rally ball. They hang back behind the baseline line, wait for the ball to arrive, and try to hit hard drives These returns are not intimidating to a good net man. He knows he’ll have more time, which means more court can be covered on a poach. If...
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    Calling Switch on lobs

    I’ll assume a defensive lob. Net guy should switch back to the service line. Partner should notice. If that scenario is too advanced, Basically, whoever sees what’s happening first should direct the other.
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    Shot selection strategy

    You’re asking two questions: When do you know where you are going to hit the ball? And, when do you know where your opponent is going to hit the ball? First one: Refer to Wardlaw and other posters. Second one: You won’t know until they hit it. If you have the time to recover after your shot...
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    I Love Doubles

    Doubles is nothing but point construction. If you are just hitting cc, you are playing singles with obstacles. A veteran doubles team will manipulate you into making a mistake. I agree that doubles volleys require more efficiency. They’re against two players, and frequently reflexive. You...
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    Anyone Else Love Playing Doubles?

    I want to point out Brent Abel’s YouTube lessons entitled “What’s The Right Shot.” Brent video tapes doubles points and then stops the video before a shot is hit. He asks the viewer where the shot should be directed. You can tell him in the comments. Then he’ll proceed to analyze the options for...
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    Anyone Else Love Playing Doubles?

    I’m far better at doubles. Therefore, I enjoy it more. Doubles is more formulated to me. I see things clearly in doubles. Where to move to, where to hit the ball, etc. Singles, not so much. Also, I find it more satisfying to win and lose as a team. As mentioned before, beer tastes better together.
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    Partner problems..

    IMO, unless you know your advice will be welcome, don’t give it. Take the loss. It’s better to lose as friends than to win as enemies. At least in tennis. If they are agreeable to your wisdom, use “we” and “us,” as Cindysphinx advises.
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    What Was My Partner Trying To Say?

    Yours is a, somewhat, unique case. Most times you’ll be hitting cross court from backcourt to backcourt. It works even if you are going to hit a stroke from the backcourt to two net players. It kind of makes sense. A pro could try to codify it. In your case, the deep player was in front of you...
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    Not placing the volleys. Just getting it back.

    It sounds like placement is the last thing on your “to do” list: 1. Split step = good. 2. Turn sideways = 45 degrees is ideal, but not a necessity. 3. Compact stroke = depends on speed of the incoming. Reflex volleys do not involve a stroke. 4. Weight transfer = good, if not a reflex volley...
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    Doubles: returner's partner

    Jolly’s method works if you want to be at net and protect the middle. Iowaguy’s idea of playing back on first serves is sound. It is just plain difficult to defend against a good poacher. That is, one who directs the ball aroud the opposing net man, not at his stomach. I think it is also up to...
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    Playing lobbers/moonballers in doubles

    Yeah, good players can hit effective lobs from more difficult positions than less skilled players. Good players can hit overheads reliably as well. It is the lower level players that habitually feed backcourt players waist high strokes. Then their overheads break down after one high lob. Their...
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    Playing lobbers/moonballers in doubles

    A common complaint. A good friend of mine (a doubles guru), would simply tell his students, “stop hitting lob-able balls.”
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    Doubles positioning after lobbing the net player?

    It is also reasonable for the net person who is lobbed to switch back to nml In case his partner puts up a short lob. Which, incidentally, is why the lobber follows his lob to the service line.
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    Drive slice bh

    You appear to be emphasizing the slice part of the drive slice by trying to generate spin rather than drive it deep. That will make the shot more unreliable. But when it works it's sweet.
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    Do you have a tennis teaching certification?

    USPTA cert. in 1981. I scored a grade one on the skills test. A two on the written test. And a three on the lesson giving test. That made me a third rate USPTA pro. I assisted for friends at a couple of clubs for several years. Played some pro/ams and 'A' doubles leagues. I quit teaching after...