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    Nole at number 1

    I was reffering to Hitman post regarding 2017. In all other years he was best or second best player in the world. He was the dominant force of this decade, like Real Madrid was dominant force in Champions League for last few years even though they lost few times before final.
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    Nole at number 1

    He is right. In this decade as whole he was the man to beat. Of course in so long span of time you have few dips, which in Novak case were also injury related.
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    Nadal News 2.0

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    Djokovic will not qualify for WTF 2017

    As a Novak fan I surely hope so. The matchup problem for Thiem is huge. To understand this you need to understand tennis a bit better. Thiem cant be rushed and cant play someone who plays flat and deep with a lot of angles. That is why he has problems playing Goffin for example.
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    Djokovic is so bad in doubles

    Djokovic is so bad in doubles but still beats No.1 pair in the world. You simply dont know what you are talking about even though you try very hard to convince us otherwise.
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    It will be weird if Murray is number 1 AFTER the WTF but loses the YE#1 to Djokovic

    Murray will stay No1 with losing final with 3-0 in RR even if Djokovic wins but with 2-1 RR. Its 1000 vs 1300 points. On 28th DC points will drop and Djokovic will become YE No1.
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    What would benefit Nadal and Djokovic the most. Olympic gold, USO or WTF

    I enjoy WTF very much. It is a tournament with great history which all great players won at least once. There is no fluke draws unlike some GS. 2010 US Open comes to mind. So we always have deserved winner on the end and not someone who was simply lucky with the draw.
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    Predict the winners of the remaining slams and masters in 2016

    Toronto Federer Olympics Djokovic Cincinnati Djokovic Us Open Djokovic Shangai Murray Paris Murray WTF Djokovic
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    What's up with Novak

    Left shoulder injury.
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    Djokovic will win 24-26 slams.

    Federer won Wim in 2012 when he was 31 and Stan won Rg in 2015 when he was 30.
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    Layani notifying Djokovic of his broken string

    The rule is that you cant start the point with the broken string. Before you write something check it first.
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    The Djokovic bubble, when will it pop? A prediction based on actual mileage

    What about earlier generations? For example Laver winning Grand Slam in 69 after playing more than 1000 matches on tour. How you explain that? Him and Rosewal played more than 2000 matches in their career and majority of them were five setters without tiebreaks. Answer is that tennis is...
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    The Djokovic bubble, when will it pop? A prediction based on actual mileage

    Problem is that your "predictions" and opinions about Djokovic are always very negative as you don't like the guy and you try to deliberately undermine his success. I will never comment on someone bold but wrong prediction as this is why this forums exist but what I don't like are the people who...
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    The Djokovic bubble, when will it pop? A prediction based on actual mileage

    I meant that in the process of winning next two out of three he will acheive some important milestones. It was just gentle remainder of few more important records he will break this month.
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    The Djokovic bubble, when will it pop? A prediction based on actual mileage

    Why its not brave? Did you change your mind about him not winning anything till clay season? I can be brave and predict Djokovic is not winning RG this year but that is not happening.