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    Gilles Simon on "The Federer Myth" and why he wants Djokodal to overtake him

    He doesn’t want kids to emulate Federer? Lolwut? Since when do kids do that? Seems like everyone plays the ball bashing style these days.
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    What saddens me about Federer...

    How many of the servers that Nadal faces at Wimbledon these days follow their serve in? If Nadal tried returning Sampras from the back wall, Sampras would be at the net for the easy put away.
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    The more FO title he wins, the less will he be a GOAT-contender

    True op. Just further cements the fact that he is the clay goat.
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    We have a new GOAT

    Rafa only leads the h2h on clay. Just further proving my point. Masters? Again proving my point.
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    Another French Open does nothing for a Rafa’s legacy

    Its just a fact. We already know he is the clay goat.
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    We have a new GOAT

    Nah, Nadal just continue to show why he is the clay goat.
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    Roland Garros 2020 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Rafael Nadal [2]

    Wtf is wrong with *****? lol they censored No v a x
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    Toni Nadal in favor of smaller rackets

    Larger rackets make the game easier but small rackets also make the game easier?
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    Fed fans, time to decide, 20 or 18

    Djokovic gets 18 and then the race ends at 20/19/18
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    2020 Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 18x20 Official Thread

    is 5/8 sold out or did they just never have them to begin with?
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    2020 Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 18x20 Official Thread

    Where can you order one of these?
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    Pat Cash: "Federer not even the second greatest in his own era"

    Pat Cash has always been a Fed hater. His opinion is irrelevant. Nadal and Djokovic aren’t even a part of Fed’s era. They are a part of the next one.
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    Happy 39th to Serena

    Maybe pass on the cake Serena.