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    Best shoes for minimizing wear and tear on knees/hips.

    Any decent pair of brand name court shoes will feel better with a high-quality pair of full-bed orthotic insoles. This is one of the items in life that qualify for 'ya get what ya pay for'.
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    Who’s going to benefit the most from the no-crowd situation?

    update…….tolja…...he literally pissed off himself so much that he got throw out of the Open!! Way to go Nole'
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    Deadest lowest powered poly

    try 5 gauge marine rope. Blue/white spiral is my favorite. Available at most marine equipment stores across the US. You will need to drill-out your string holes first..
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    Lendl's racquet...

    Compared to the other frames in that era they were very stiff.
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    Who’s going to benefit the most from the no-crowd situation?

    Back in the day, it would be Lendl, hands down. But if we’re talking this summer at the Open, Djoker takes great pride in pissing off fans who root against him (watch any match when he plays RF), I would say he’s the leader in the clubhouse......
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    Wilson blade 98- awful

    Sorry to break it to you, but there is a market out there that enjoys using frames that are engineered specifically for “hindering powe(r) generation”.
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    Wilson blade 98- awful

    Start with some tennis lessons. If you’re mis-hitting the ball, that’s in you. Everything you’ve said is ridiculous, outside of the fact the Blade is a low-power frame. I’m sure you did your homework before you purchased the racquet, and if you did, your surely read about the low-power “dead”...
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    Ya but what you’re not telling us is that the shirts you found are a size XXXL, but you actually wear a men’s size M.
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    Clay court shoes on Savannah courts?

    Let’s set the record straight - Omni court is NOT the same as a hard court outsole. Shoe manufacturers have been moving toward these “multi-surface” soles for decades, claiming the tread is great on all surfaces. Let me ask you this , would you prefer using a snow tire on a race track ? Of...
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    Federer’s actual Frame specs!

    This was the strangest thread I’ve read in a while.
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    what makes an OS frame hard to control?

    You can't blame a tiger for being a tiger.
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    Has anyone used clay court shoes on hard?

    Wouldn't recommend it if you can find another shoe of comparable quality and value. Will last a bit longer and your feet won't 'stick' to the court, reducing chance of tripping and possible injury.
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    Last Minute: Looking for hitting partner on clay in Miami area this week

    Just saw your post. Sorry no one responded. I had the same frustration in my search for a hitting partner in Pensacola area. Don’t understand why.