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    Noah Rubin

    Big 10 schools give 4 year scholarship guaranteed, I believe.
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    Re: the ‘junior and college tennis a waste of time and money’ thread

    I feel sorry for your kid. Could you keep up a schedule like that? Relax. Let kids be kids.
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    Foreign Players

    If you are so negative on tennis, why are you looking at this site?
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    Recent College Players That Turned Pro

    So rude. Why would you even comment? Not funny at all.
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    NCAA Men's Tournament 2019

    It’s a very prestigious tournament. It’s an honor to be in it in both singles and/or doubles. It’s a part of the college tennis experience. Honestly if a player doesn’t want to bother. And a coach doesn’t make them play in it, that shows a lot about both the player and the coach.
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    NCAA Men's Tournament 2019

    You realize you are both saying you slowed down the video and stared to watch to see it was on the line. The player didn’t watch it coming in slow motion or a video. Don’t be so judgmental.
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    Big 10 Tennis

    Illinois was inside. Don’t know about the other ones.
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    Pac-12 Championships 2019, april 24th

    This seems to be the thing to do now. If your team loses, shout out the other team on social media for cheating. Great if it makes you feel better.
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    Big 10 Tennis

    Why did Caleb leave team?
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    College level players?

    Look at other threads. He’s looking for players. Doesn’t appear to be only looking for Internationals at all.
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    Big 10 Tennis

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    Big 10 Tennis

    [QUOTE="ClarkC, post: 13275756,
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    Big 10 Tennis

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    Big 10 Tennis

    Got it! Thanks!
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    Big 10 Tennis