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    I don't like shaking hands

    that's fine. the worst are people who shake your hand but do it all wrong like grab your fingers or grab your hand and never look you in the eye
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    Why people do'nt talk about weak era anymore?

    this era is weak and to suggest otherwise is complete ignorance. you want to know why it's weak? because only 5ish guys can bring competitive entertaining high level of tennis. 2 of those guys are awful to watch (djokovic vs murray finals kills the ATP) and 2-3 (fed on hard/grass, nadal on clay...
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    What was happening in tennis the day you joined TT?

    right after ljube won indian wells. and before roddick won miami. was a great time for an american tennis fan
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    Should Federer tank US Open?

    wouldn't be hard. change his (now her) name to rogetta and identify as a female. nobody would stop him (now her) because the backlash would be too much. GOAT of all genders of all identities of all sexes
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    Piers Morgan claims he can beat Cilic at tennis

    lucky for him that he sold his balls to the devil for fame
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    Roger Federer still has a cold.

    well the other guys have brain slugs eating away at their motivation to win. so, it's not much competition for federer.
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    Novak Djokovic says Doctors unsure over surgery

    you're forgetting hair plug surgery
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    Bernard Tomic : You all can only dream of what I have at 24

    i wonder what hewitt thinks of this lad. hewitt worked his effing ass off to get his two grand slams went through 58 hip surgeries and still busted his ass.
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    you are getting too technical about an action movie. if you're being that technical, Person X getting blasted by a shotgun from behind and barely flinching is more BS than baby making a few lucky maneuvers
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    Good activities to supplement tennis?

    i play soccer 2-3x a week. pretty much all my cardio done right there. but there is a high risk of getting injured
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    Isospeed Cream

    i also got some today. will be stringing it up tomorrow for sure. i've been an alu soft player for years, hopefully this one can work just as well for 50% of the price.
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    you've never seen speed racer then. at least 50x dumber than baby driver. i liked baby driver because it was pretty action packed throughout and at least entertaining. also, i didn't pay for the movie tickets so that helped
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    Is this the most disappointing Wimbledon semi final line-up in living memory?

    because nadal isn't dominate on hard court. he won slams merely because the guy on the other side of the net crumbled mentally.
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    Federer's longevity is due to his talent, and is seriously underrated

    i don't know how anyone can say this federer is betterer than the one from mid 00's. just watch one match from that era and you will see fed running around backhands from behind the baseline and blowing it past the likes of nadal/hewitt/agassi like it was nothing
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    Is this the most disappointing Wimbledon semi final line-up in living memory?

    i love watching all those players except henman. don't hate the X-man!