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    Hot Head v. Cool Customer

    Köllerer is "so bad":
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    Djokovic's weakness is...the backhand?!

    That volley vs. Stan @ AO14.
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    Andy milking Nadal for retweets in these demanding times

    Andie, was the good US Open 2003 a bery tough draw, no?
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    If at first you don't succeed...

    Cincy 2012 ... one of the last great performances of Fedr with his magic PS90.
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    Great matches in smaller events #2

    Starting a thread with a Nadal video? That's not an installment, that's a crime!
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    Official Sureshs tribute thread

    S&V stands for Sureshs and victory.
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    Nadal and WTF

    DC as big title for single player lol
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    What an entertaining highlights .. probably the match too

    Bery tough opponants, nice guys, played the good tennis for once. Grass, no?
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    Nadal vs Sampras

    That's the spirit!
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    That's pretty much it ^^

    That's pretty much it ^^
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    Andre Agassi on gear

    Can his wigs be considered as tennis gear?