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    Remember: 4 sets in 6 tries, +15 years

    For a clay court pusher, 7 majors is a nice resume for the Nadal.
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    Best forum nicknames for players

    The Nadal
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    New strings as a birthday present - appreciated?

    I'm thinking Dorsia ... or Babolat gut.
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    If Isner had Wawrinka's ground strokes?

    If Fedr had Wawi's mindset for finals ...
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    New Laver Cup RF97 for 2019?

    A velvet paint of neon yellow, pink and navy blue color scheme would be nice. Profit! Minimum price 400 €
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    Nadal is 0-8 in successful attempts at the WTF

    If there is one major flaw on the Nadal's career, it's his lack of WTF titles so far.
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    Murray receives WC into Shanghai

    Muzzay now = Mecha Freeza. Who will be his Future Trunks?
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    Greatest Tennis Matches of All Time

    Nalbandian vs. Hewitt AO 2011 R1
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    Whose NextGen playing style do you prefer the most?

    Medvedev. A better performing version of the greatest ball striker and easy-power-generator of recent times: Simon.
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    A decade in numbers: The extraordinary Grand Slam dominance of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer over the past 10 years

    Another thread goes down because Djokodal's fanbases appear. We are live witnessing their so called Only on TTW movement with its fine skills in crying, nagging and victim playing.
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    Laver Cup Ridiculous Line-Ups

    This could become the worst "tournament" since the rain delayed disaster called FO19.
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    When will Djokodal fans fight against each other?

    OP still here? No vacation til AO?
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    If your life was on the line....what would be your string setup?

    Polystar Energy at 50. New strung racquet for every game lol.