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    Bruno Ganz died

    Bruno Kirby died too young, now Bruno Ganz, are there any Brunos left in film?
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    Which came first; time or energy?

    Lately I seem to have energy but just not enough time
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    Tsonga announces he has a rare blood cell deformity, names it as the reason for his Indian Wells withdrawal

    It seems likely that Tsonga could have sickle cell trait rather than sickle cell disease, i.e. he carries one sickle cell gene rather than two. The trait is for the most part not a cause of symptoms, very much unlike sickle cell disease, though long flights can be problematic at times.
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    Latest Colonoscopy Guidelines

    A good primary care doc will recommend it. If you're in the Asheville N.C. area, see my brother the gastroenterologist for a smooth ride.
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    "Nothing" potentially more inclusive than "everything"?

    trickle-down philosophy
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    The Silent Generation and Generation Z

    We're currently preparing to sell our house and have learned from real estate people how much the process has changed in the past 20 years. Those in their 30s are so intolerant of the need to do anything to a house once they've bought it that the agents are now reluctant to list anything that...
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    So the A380 was a failure.

    Never loved the idea of putting between 550 and 850 people on one plane
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    Trophy hunters !!

    one month you post about how great it is to hang out with mobster (i.e. sociopath) friends, the next month you're complaining about lesser "sociopaths." Are we supposed to conclude here that you're such a highly moral person??
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    Conventional vs. Existential (practical philosophy)

    10, reading this embarrassing pedantry
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    A vision of the future, painted in 1930

    so bleak!
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    Cartoon in this week's The New Yorker: (Paunchy older man is sitting on doctor's examining table with the doctor standing to his side) cartoon reads "I just want to know if I'm healthy enough for bacon"
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    Renovating my house?

    Is this all part of a grand disguise for the Witness Protection Program?
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    Why cant you buy pro stocks

    Huh?? Everything I've read about prostock frames indicates they in fact are usually relatively light when sold, the heft coming after they've had all the silicone, lead and whatever added to them post-market to bring them to the desired specs.
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    Young ATG v Older ATG as it relates to current tennis

    The OP's data analysis is incomplete and naïve. First, he fails to take notice that many of the rivalries he mentions went on for shorter periods of time than what we've seen with The Big Three, so age differences were less magnified by extremes of what stage of career the player was in. Lendl...
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    youngest major winners at the start of every five years

    It indicates nothing whatsoever with any real clarity. With only three data points each five years it's not even clear that these differences would be statistically significant. If the differences are significant, it may say less about how the young are coached than it does about how the older...