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    USO and RG 2020 - Rafa and Nole

    "Would you be Ok with this?" Get your head out of your arse. Players don't need fans' consent. A better way to frame the question is, "Would you be happy about this hypothetical situation?"
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    Article on Federer, Wawrinka, Soderling and modern coaching.

    Not sure if this is the best forum, but a friend of mine wrote an article which I found very relevant :
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    How do you spell Nadal's "Unbelievable"?

    You're all welcome, especially @King No1e
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    List of Murray Accomplishments that Fed can’t touch

    Andy Murray is going to get a statue at the All England Club one day, and that's going be before Federer gets one if at all.
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    Federer shows leadership in these demanding times

    I'm not going to click on any article from I'd much rather listen to faux news or info wars than open this clickbait ****.
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    Which matches would you fill your self-isolation with?

    You wanna last the entirety of the quarantine or what?
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    Wimbledon Next?

    Given how conservative and reluctant towards change the folks at the all England club are, I doubt that they'd want to move the championships away from the British summer.
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    Fed's MP's against Novak......

    ...and they say Rafa has OCD.
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    Roland Garros moved to September - not a drill

    Laver at this age would still play better than Kyrgios.
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    Roland Garros moved to September - not a drill

    We'll finally see a nextGen winning a major, albeit with an * mark.
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    Monte Carlo looks likely to play behind closed doors

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    Match Stats/Report - Nadal vs Federer, Wimbledon final 2008

    Toxic fans of either base don't realize that, in an attempt to undermine the other's greatness, they are sabotaging that of their player, too.