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    Man, that one was a W for the ages!

    If Roger Federer had ended up being a Table Tennis player, he could play forever.
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    For non-fans of Djokovic...

    Djokovic is sometimes like watching a ball machine that moves. It's amazing but not that entertaining. Like Floyd Mayweather. Boxing is technically perfect, but he didn't have an aggressive game. Djokovic is smart. He plays defensive to build up his cardio, and then when faced with a worthy...
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    Fedovic subpar form post Wimbledon

    I'm so confused how Djokovic didn't win Shanghai . His form was so good before he lost to Tsitsipas.
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    Medvedev will be plagued with injuries.

    Yes, his height would make serve and volley more efficient. His game he has now, although he is great at it... I don't see it lasting. He's got a grinder mindset and heart, but IMO he would be better suited with an offensive attacking game. Go back to defense as a last resort, but he's got...
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    Medvedev will be plagued with injuries.

    I'm predicting Medvedev, with his game style and never say die attitude, his body will not cooperate... UNLESS he changes up his game style like he did later in the final by coming into net more. He serve is great, perfect height. If he takes advantage of his serve and backs it up at the net...
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    Federer didn't CHOKE!

    Where is the credit when it's due? Having match points doesn't make you the champion! Federer didn't double fault, he didn't shank the ball. Djokovic put a great return in play at his feet in the first MP and hit an insane cross court forehand in the second. It was astonishing and...
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    Federer won today in a parallel universe.

    They say our mindset/belief quantum jumps us through the parallel universe. Could it be that all of us Federer fans wanted this too much? We got greedy and expected not only Roger to beat Rafa, but to take out Novak as well. We got what we deserved. Another close match. We tasted victory...
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    Federer won today in a parallel universe.

    With all the match points/break points squandered, we can at least be happy with the fact that we are very close to a parallel universe where Roger wins 28 slams.
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    Wimbledon 2019 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Roger Federer [2]

    Federer lost belief. I think he would have won if there wouldn't have been a tiebreak. Novak mentally is stronger during them.
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    How would Fed beat Nad?

    Look at Rome where Federer blasted that MP out of the park. Of course Nadal is great, but Federer let that greatness go to his head and has had a habit of overplaying and making critical mistakes in the past.
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    How would Fed beat Nad?

    I've been saying this forever... Nadal beat Federer because Federer beats himself. He didn't believe and he made lots of mistakes and played with poor tactics. Always coming into the net with a weak approach. If Federer can get Nadal out of his head and just PLAY HIS GAME - he will win.
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    2019 Madrid ATP SF: RAFA [2] vs Tsitsipas [8]

    Nadal so careless on those net points. Wow... he's feeling the pressure. Will he win a clay tournament this year?
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    What is going on with tennis?

    Yes. Exactly. There are plenty of moments like this throughout the match.
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    What is going on with tennis?

    ATP is all fixed. Certain players are made stars by being allowed to use drugs while everyone else isn't. Match fixing... etc. They want to create super stars and it worked. People tune in. If nothing was fixed by the ATP, we'd basically have college tennis.