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    RF97 autograph with full polyester @57lbs

    Was at 55lbs with RPM blast 18 and now trying 58lbs - fresh string job feels really plush and soft on on-center hits and pretty jarring when I screw up which I like. Durability seems to be holding up after 7+ sessions so far.
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    Sun Sleeves that keep you warm in cooler weather

    I sometimes where a pair of warm sleeves from nike that I picked up from a golf shop. They are thicker with a fleece liner and really do help keep my arms warm. When it gets colder, I like going with a nike pro thermafit compression fit base layer.
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    Slinger tennis ball machine

    A lot of stuff I read online and in this thread says that Slinger vastly missed the mark compared to what they originally intended to do. I'm just looking at it from what I see in front of me as I only learned of Slinger 4 months ago.
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    12 racket bags experience

    I love my Babolat Wimbledon 12-pack. It's well padded, the outer shell is stiff enough to give it good enough structure and enough small pockets for good organization. The older Aero bags had a hard shell on both sides which I thought was a great touch and really helps with durability and...
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    I used the a couple of flavors of the tour 90 for 7-8 years before I switched to the RF97A last year. I used to string it with full poly topspin cyberflash 17 @ 60lbs. I really miss that weighty but very headlight feel when I moved to the RF97A. But like the RF97A, if I nail the sweet spot...
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    Slinger tennis ball machine

    I took the slinger out for several more sessions and I'm quite happy with it. Yeah, it's basic but my strokes need so much work, it almost doesn't matter how the ball is coming to me. Its pretty easy to move it around except for the handful of occasions where I have pick it up for stairs or...
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    2020 Prostaff update

    man, am I the only one that doesn't like this all black motif? The color schemes for the pro staffs have been great until they moved to the 2-tone color scheme and they're continuing with v13. I picked up the RF97A B/W when it went on sale after Roger went back to the all-black, kind of reminded...
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    Slinger tennis ball machine

    I just got my slinger a week ago and after 3 sessions, I wanted to give my 1st impressions. I was not an early backer, I stumbled upon slinger while randomly browsing this forum and FB and the price was low enough compared to other ball machine and I decided to take the plunge. I've never owned...
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    Nike 2020 General Thread

    man, what I would give for Nike to retro the Agassi collection from the mid-90s to early 2000s. I would go on a buying tear.
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    Slinger tennis ball machine

    No, not yet. The Proton looks to be targeting an Oct launch according to their website so as zinzan8 said, remains to be seen if they can actually deliver.
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    Slinger tennis ball machine

    Just got my slinger yesterday, waiting for a good time to go try it out.
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    Shoe fit Question

    I'm in the similar boat, I have exceptionally flat, wide feet and no arch so any shoe that has a hard shank as arch support feels like a rock is in my show. I play in Vapor 9/X as well as basketball shoes and they have worked out well for me. I can't comment on the Vapor Cage 4s (planning on...
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    Basketball shoes

    +1. I love the cushioning on the 17s but find the 16/15 a bit more responsive (in casual walking/workouts) but spent too much money on them to put a hole in them in a month!
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    Basketball shoes

    I'll add that with the Kyrie3, because the forefoot sole is very rounded (I guess designed for quick lateral cuts a la Kyrie's style), I do feel slightly less stable when I'm trying to plant myself to take a swing but easier to transition to moving laterally when compared to the soldier 11/12...
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    Basketball shoes

    I normally play in vapor 9/X but I recently started playing in LeBron Soldier 11 and Kyrie 3. I'm a bit of a sneaker head so I ended up buying several pairs of 11s and found that not only are they light, the forefoot zoom really helps with cushioning. I noticed this after when I go back to my...