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    Federer: "He didn't look hurt in any way. But the rules allow (MTO), what can you do"

    To be fair..Fed has a nasty habit of the backhanded compliments though not sure if that's the case here.
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    The Donald

    You've done a man's job sir! I guess you're through huh? It's too bad he won't win...but then again who does?
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    Why Do Players get so Emotional over an Early Rd Win????

    I guess I'm the only person here that kinda agrees with you. I wish the players would dial it down a bit...just to show some when Safin defeated Hewitt in the 2005 Australian Final.
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    Nadal's tactic of avoidance continues

    Troll thread makes no sense.
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    Del Potro is done

    Delpo always struck me as a bit heavy a bit slow...he should take up running or something...and while he's powerful it seems like he needs time to setup those big groundstrokes of his something which the grass of Wimbledon doesn't seem to allow for.
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    Roland Garros- the worst grand slam there is?

    I never got into the Australian Open just didn't seem to be as important as the big 3.
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    Greatest returner of all time

    Worst returner of all time? 2 time Wimbledon Champion 8 time French Open champion? You have a flare for hyperbole lol :)
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    Players beating Federer but lose to Ferrer

    Oh, I'd disagree it came to hitting the running FH..Sampras' running crosscourt FH was simply sublime.
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    Nadal withdraws from Halle

    Um, I thought HC is Nadal's worst surface. He actually thrives on natural surfaces like clay and to a lesser extent, grass.
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    Djokovic [1] v. Nadal [3] - SEMI FINAL RG 2013: THE SHOWDOWN.

    "Illegal, roided out, cheating, coached out Nadal through to the final." Show some class and congratulate the winner. Don't be so buthurt about it.
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    Federer loss not a big deal --> Everyone calm down

    Well, I'd like to see Federer get as far as possible even if it's just to lose to Nadal...and I'm not overly concerned of this loss either since it's Federer's worst surface. Just hoping for one last GS hopefully Wimbledon.
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    Are Nadal and Djokovic the 2 biggest sore losers in tennis today?

    Right now, Gulbis is the biggest sore loser hands down.
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    Andy Roddick vs Fabio Fognini

    I was wrong about the Tomic match..might as well be wrong again. Fognini in 4.
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    Andy Roddick: The Final Push.

    heh heh good one