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    Federer's Biggest Career Mistake as reviewed in 2020

    I think he should played fewer tournaments outside the grand slams. Perhaps this would have slowed down his physical decline and maybe would prevented some injuries. Also should have hired Edberg earlier to improve his net game.
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    One-handed backhand: index finger on strings?

    On the stringbed. I once saw a rec place take back the racquet holding the top of the racquet stringbed area. This way of taking the racquet back is not aesthetically pleasing to my eye.
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    Thinking about buying a stringing machine

    I usually wore out the toe area and the left shoe before the right because I dragged my left foot when I hit my one have backhand.
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    Tell me about your racquet collections!

    Reminds me I also have a Ultra 2 with a paintjob that was supposedly made for Mandlikova
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    When will Head ever release Djokovic’s actual stick ?

    In my area I am have not seen anyone use the RF97. I've seen people using the lighter pro staff 97 but not the RF97. I use it once in awhile. For some shots I like it but for others I do not. Seems like it has a high launch angle and is good for groundstrokes.
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    My serve evaluation

    It looks okay to me but hard to tell without slow motion. It might be that you have ease back into it and also do some rotator cuff exercises. I took a few years off and when I started up again I hit serves and then my shoulder was sore. I waited until the soreness went away and then slowly...
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    Tell me about your racquet collections!

    Some of the favorites in my collection: non-wood: Head Pro Tour 630 (love the paint) Head Graphite Pro Wilson Pro Staff 85 with Tour 90 paintjob Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 85 (exposed braided fibers!) Yonex Vcore 95D (pretty beat up because this is the racquet I play with usually) Yonex R22 Dunlop...
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    Tell me about your racquet collections!

    Not sure how many I have as they are stored in three different locations. Too many. I might start selling some of them or giving some away. I gave away/donated about 30-40 racquets a few years ago.
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    Biggest forehands in ATP: according to Nishikori 1. Del Potro 2. Rafa 3. Fernando González Love Gonzalez's forehand. Wish I could figure out how to copy it. Fernando González Fernando González
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    Thoughts on Nadal claims

    Could the current pros play with a wood racquet? Sure. Would they play at a lower level? Yes, but they'd still kick ***. Check out Berdych using a wood racquet. Does not seem to be having much of a problem hitting the ball cleanly.
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    Thoughts on Nadal claims

    Any videos of you playing with a wood racquet?
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    Video Editing tool

    Are you going to be an early adopter of the new apple silicon computers? or will you stay with the current intel-based ones until things get more stable and more 3rd party software support emerges?
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    Video Editing tool

    I've heard some some good things about Edius, but have never used it before. For now I use Adobe Premiere. May switch to Davinci Resolve if I switch to PC or get a new desk top computer.
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    Video Editing tool

    Compression and bitrate reduction is your friend. Try reducing the bitrate when encoding your output files. You can have a 30 minute video well under 1 gig with decent quality.
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    Wikipedia blunder: The oldest RG winner ever was Gimeno at 34 years, not Vacherot

    I think I read somewhere that he passed away in 1989. Can't remember if it said he was born in 1860 or 1877. This would make him either 129 or 112 when he passed away.