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    Karatsev, Sinner and Musetti are all flavour of the month and overrated

    While the people at the top keep winning they have an element of control over the surfaces. It's why all surfaces are basically the same. Help the big names be in the finals = sell more
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    Who can beat Djokovic at Wimbledon this year?

    With the UK restrictions there's a good chance there is no Wimbledon...
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    Lloyd Harris racket?

    It's a 98
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    Jerzy Janowicz lead tape placement?

    He is recovering from a back injury.. He's using a pure aero now
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    Most Pros are using stock racquets

    I can not control other peoples belief systems either on TTW or elsewhere. But putting aside perceived worth or perceived quality of product, any frame that has been produced solely for professionals would sit in the category of pro stock / stock for professionals. As for peoples beliefs that a...
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    Most Pros are using stock racquets

    double post
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    Most Pros are using stock racquets

    You are changing the argument.. No one (well I am not) saying that having a racket that is painted like a different racket makes it any better or worse than the same retail racket. What the point is, as soon as you obtain a racket that is only made available to pro players e.g. a paintjob...
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    Swiatek...countdown to racquet change

    it is one of last the last gen TF's
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    New Yonex Vcore (for 2020 or 2021 ?)

    I would say power is pretty similar although this one is a lot more solid. I really like the feel on this one.. again its solid but I feel the balls stay on the strings longer than the last two versions. Because of the extra feel and solidity I would say control is better, because you can feel...
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    New Yonex Vcore (for 2020 or 2021 ?)

    The paint job in real life is actually really good.. an improvement imo.. 98 is way more solid playing.. string bed dwell time still not super long but I prefer it over the VC98
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    Swiatek...countdown to racquet change

    Customised frame from last year. Probably painted like.the rebound. DC customising made her a load of test frames with prince grip.. apparently that's the plan for now
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    Thoughts on a change from LM Instinct Tour XL

    The Vcore 100 + or Ezone 100 + is much more similar to the LM instinct tour XL. but easier to swing and IMO feel better.. especially the VC.. if you play singles and can handle the + size stick with it
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    New Yonex Vcore (for 2020 or 2021 ?)

    We have been told to expect it Dec 14th to allow time for anyone who will change enough use before AO
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    ATP players' council around Roger Federer wants to redistribute the prize money: "Take it from the poor and give it to the rich"!

    I have read some misinformed posts on here before but this is the best of them. Do you have any idea of the cost from Junior to professional level yet alone expenses when you reach the tour? Being rewarded for a second round loss, or maybe it's being paid an amount that recognises you are top...