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    TW: Stiffness and SW of BLX Pro Tour

    Thank you very much for your answer Chris and Spencer. According to that, I will order the racquet with you TW. Thanks again.
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    TW: Stiffness and SW of BLX Pro Tour

    Thank you. I will check on Monday.
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    TW: Stiffness and SW of BLX Pro Tour

    Could you please confirm the Stiffness and SW of Wilson BLX Pro Tour. Several friends of mine have tried the racquet and say it feels like 65, 67 and SW around 320. That is a huge difference. I want to buy this racquet but i would like you to verify it first. Thanks in advance.
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    Courier: Federer Safely Best In Open Era; Comparison Tough To Other Eras

    Agree with Courier on the Open era achievements. But he forgot Borg winning back to back FO and Wimby 3 years in a row. That is one of the most difficult things to do in the sport. Only Nadal has made after him.
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    Passing easier on the run?

    I think is a mental thing. When you are on the run you basically pass or lose the point. So in the rare situation when you win the point you feel like a better player, even tough it is not necessary true.
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    rating please, video attached

    I´d say solid 5.0. He could work on his serve. But his groundstrokes and footwork are solid.
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    Help me out!

    Agree 100%. The only to do is practice and more practice. When a situation like this happens we realize we aren´t that good.
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    Wilson Hyper Prostaff 5.0 thoughts?

    I hit with these racquets (the regular and the stretch) few years ago and i loved it. It served great, steady on volleys. But my elbow couldn´t stand it. It was really stiff (73-74 if i recall right)
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    Yonex RDiS 100 Mid vs. Wilson KBlade Tour Mid

    I was wondering the same question. I have played with the KBT for the last year and i am getting older and need more power. I love the KBT feeling and RDiS 100 seems like the perfect match but i can´t demo the racquet here so i´d welcome any comparation.
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    Does Safin have TOO much talent?

    I disagree with you here. Safin is one of the most talented players in the world right now. It is the opinion of a lot of experts, not just this forum. IMHO he needs a different coach right now. Lundgren is one of the best but he needs somebody kind of Gilbert. Somebody who makes him...
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    What Federer and Nadal said after the match Interesting points. It seems both of them are really confident about their games. Lets see what happens at FO.
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    nadal 5 - fed 1

    I am not a Nadal´s fan, dh003i, i just love the game of tennis and as much as i like Federer´s game i guess this is going to be a difficult lost to forget for him.
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    nadal 5 - fed 1

    This lost could be a heart breaker for Federer. He was 4-1 in the final set, had two match points at 5-6 and finally lost. As Urban said nobody wants to lose that way, the match was close, he even won 4 more points than Nadal but still he lost and has lost their last 4 matches in a row. I...
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    Rematch Time - Nadal vs. Federer

    Federer is not playing in Rome as good as he was in Montecarlo and he lost so he´d better raise his level tomorrow or it will be 5-1 in their matches.
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    Another lost for Safin

    Agree, 100% agree, what a waste of talent. Anybody in any profession would die for having only a part of his talent...what a shame...i am a big fan of him but this is ridiculous.