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    Federer admits to stealing towels at AO...

    I believe you Sentinel...since you haven't played in any.
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    The GOAT of excuses in this era

    Saying you didn't play well over "I was injured" or "not feeling well" is not making an excuse. Think logically for a second here people. If Murray plays badly he loses. He says he plays badly because he did. That's not an excuse. That's a reason. I'm willing to bet every top player...
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    Which would HURT more...

    Roddick server, kind of an easy choice.
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    I'm not a Fed Lover but You Have to Admit

    Except...he did it's possible. This never crap is kinda sad. I love Federer. He's my favorite player. But records are made to be broken. It wont' be any time soon, but one day his records will be broken.
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    Isner attacked for stating the obvious

    Just another point I'd like to make. Lots of guys ranked lower have big serves and huge forehands. What they lack is a good backhand and consistency/accuracy as well as good movement. The top ranked guys all have good defense and good accuracy. Thinking a male ranked 1500 can't...
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    Isner attacked for stating the obvious

    It would be uncomfortable for us to watch a match between top ranked men and women. Watching a woman get beaten down embarrassingly triggers protective instincts in men. It's in our genetic makeup to want to protect and take care of women. So, no real man is going to want to demolish the...
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    Devin Britton first USO

    I agree. How many people would -PAY- to be able to say I played Federer at the U.S. Open? I'm guessing quite a few fans.
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    Devin Britton first USO

    I think it'll be like most Grand Slam 1st round matches for first timers vs. Federer 7-6, 6-0, 6-1, something along those lines of a good first set followed by some baking goods. I've found most first timers in their first big match on the big stage play quite well for the first set...
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    My theory on Nadal IF he wasn't injured

    If he did that....why is he playing Montreal -and- Cinci? Shouldn't he have only played 1 or the other to warm up for USO and then just go balls to the walls in New York? I do like your theory though, and that really would take a lot of discipline on his part to not defend what most...
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    Who was your favorite player when you started watching tennis?

    Sampras, any other player was too boring for me.
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    Top 8 seeds through to the QF

    This is indeed the first time this has happened. 1-4 has happened twice. Or I should say, 1-4 has happened twice with all 4 top seeds advancing to the semis. I don't have dates or events sadly. I was checking out Federer's Masters career and followed some links that I now can't seem to...
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    Why I like to see Nadal at #1 and Federer at #2

    Fixed that for you, since this is a comedy thread and all.
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    The World has changed a LOT since Federer lost before the semis of a major....

    Really? Because that looks like top 20 and that'd be 2 in the top 10.
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    The Fed babies..awwwwwww...

    Then the entire population would eventually die out because we'd be all too old to reproduce with no children on the way. The problem is people having more than 2 children. If every couple had 2 children to replace themselves we'd find a balance.
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    Roger needs a hardcourt masters!!!

    Will anyone die if he does?