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    *****THE OFFICIAL HEAD PRO TOUR 630/280 Club*************

    Its still going strong as far as I can see. Switching to the UT?
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    Best Blade 18x20 Version

    Looking at the poll results, thats why only the "pros" use the K Blade
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    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    Hoping for more of these comparisons, great information!
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    The Cult of PT57

    I cant help but pick up a Zebra just to see how it plays. Does it play similarly to the PT 630? I have a PT 630 which I think it plays nice and soft but I think I still prefer the crisper response of the Bumblebee for the moment at least. Which of the two do you prefer? Most people also prefer...
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    Exploring the Second MgR/I Optimum!

    How would living in another part of the world such as in Asia affect this number though?
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    The Cult of PT57

    I just played with the PT630, and Im starting to come around from my first impressions of the racquet. My first impressions of it was it was too soft and flexible for my liking, so I added approximately 6-7 grams of lead to the top of the handle to stiffen the frame a little bit. Perhaps now...
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    The Cult of PT57

    Is it because you don't like flexy sticks? I read in another post that you like the Radical Bumblebee alot and that is a PT57A as well, only with a different layup. I think Im abit like you in that the PT630 felt a little too soft and muted for my liking as opposed to the Radical Bumblebee...
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    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    Which is your favourite?
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    iprestige MP or LM Radical Tour ?

    Does anyone have an answer to this 5 years later?
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    Most 'Solid' Racquet You've Ever Played With?

    Radical Tour 630 Bumblebee, the sound of the stringbed each time, lovely
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    *** Long Live The Radicals ***

    Doc, explain ;)
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    The Cult of PT57

    I play with the Bumblebees myself and I think its even better than the PT630, I prefer the the crispness and how solid it is at contact without being too stiff, some real good sticks. Wondering how the Zebra and Candycanes would compare?
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    *****THE OFFICIAL HEAD PRO TOUR 630/280 Club*************

    That explains it, so when people typically refer to the PT57A they refer to the PT57A2 i.e. the PT630? Ty again vsbabolat Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    *****THE OFFICIAL HEAD PRO TOUR 630/280 Club*************

    I always had this in the back of my mind and hopefully someone can come to my aid. Its known that the PT630 is basically the PT57A, but the retail version. So all PT57A's are essentially lighter versions of the PT630 with the same layup I presume? What about the previous versions of the PT57A...