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    The Cult of PT57

    this is my contribution to the cult:)
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    outta'time is a great buyer

    feedback for rjp1977 Got what I needed for a fair price :) He is nice and the transaction process went well.
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    Head Radical Tour MP Zebra

    Message sent. :)
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    Murray unveils Under Armour's shoe prototype

    I'm still waiting. B8+s started to get hard to find in webshops. These are said to be the clay season ones from this year, however, I recall Andy wore something forest greenish outfit with shoes matching that shade like this year's WTF. MicroG cushioning is praised by many of my acquaintances...
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    Murray unveils Under Armour's shoe prototype

    B8+ was one of my favourite pair of shoes (still have a pair in the closet for the future), it is sad that we are not able to purchase such a stability oriented shoe like that; now I'm using a Head Revolt Pro until these sweet UAs become available. These are terrific.
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    Pro Players Using Non-Leather Grips

    Murray using Karakal PU Grip.
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    Head YOUTEK IG Radical Pro compared to Head Graphene Radical Pro?

    The IG is one of the flexiest frames I've tried, I recommend applying some lead into the handle. In the case of the GRad, you get a crispier, stiffer frame. Aaand full poly is not the string choice to go with. But it's not a bad frame. At least not that bad in the way some people reviewed it. I...
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    Any tennis bags that don't look like running shoes?

    Head's Limited Edition All Black Monstercombi 2012 and Andy Murray Monstercombi from 2013.
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    Murray Testing Gut Mains

    I think it's a matter of individual preference. I started out with full synthetic gut, then switched to full poly with tecnifibre's black code (used that for two years). After some time, I began to experiment, I tried out hybriding with multi+poly, with multifilaments in the mains. I never...
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    Authentic or Fake IG Radical Pro?

    Got the same exact sticker here. (One starts with 036, while the other with 043.) :)
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    Favorite Rackets from HEAD

    I don't want to include pro stocks on my list, so here's how it looks: Microgel Radical MP (the Walmart/Decathlon version too, which I think is called Radical Classic) Youtek IG Radical Pro (one of the best frames in terms of comfort that I can recall) YouTek Prestige Pro (best mold and paint -...
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    The Cult of PT57

    It's a custom handle by P1 without a buttcap. I know it looks it is made of wood. The dark spot is actually a hole where the silicon (or somekind of other "magic") was injected.
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    Murray Testing Gut Mains

    I am almost 100% sure that this is nothing more than a practice test-racquet. Andy likes to try numerous setups. At one time, he had a heavier racquet to try in practice. It's not a big deal. The real thing was when he came to the 2014 European clay court-swing wielding an 18x20. That was...
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    Built Up Grips

    It would fit more precisely into their hands. Imagine the racquet's handle like a cockpit or the saddle and the handlebar of a bicycle. That's the only thing you are connected with. At P1 they think that creating a massive handle is essential. Basically almost every Pro has custom "built-up"...
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    Graphene Rad Pro Flex Issues

    Try putting some lead tape under the replacement grip. I recommend applying it on the handle in a spiral way with even spacing. This should eliminate some of the inconvenient, uncomfy vibration. And you can get a nice headlight balance. You can get a firm, "sturdier" feel as a result. However, I...