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    straight arm fh vs. bent arm fh

    I just switched from the double-bend FH (semi-western grip) to the straight arm FH (eastern grip), and I absolutely love that I did so. I can hit more with power, aim and consistency now with the straight-arm. Your mileage may vary.
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    Forehand: Elbow tucked in versus straight.

    Yes, fundamental difference. See many discussions here about the debate between straight-arm and the double-bend. P.S. I recently switched from double-bend to straight-arm and love the improvement in my forehand groundstrokes.
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    I can't use spin!

    I recently learned a new topspin forehand that is very easy to do. In my case, I switched from a semi-western FH grip to an Eastern FH grip that is about the same as Federer's. I am told the following method will work just as well with a continental grip. - As the ball approaches, prepare...
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    ?Timing practice at home?

    In this year's US open, Melanie Oudin lost many first sets before finally winning all but one of those matches. She said it took her the first set to get used to the different timing of each opponent. Thus, the timing is different for each person and situation. I don't think you can improve...
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    Bromelain - Miracle Emzyne?

    vitalzyn is another so-called miracle enzyme that another player recommended to me to help cure muscle tears or to solve GI issues.
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    what kind of serve should i be working on first?

    Just nail your aces. You don't need any other type of serve. (just kidding)
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    Help on short, low balls

    slice down the line deep. Your ball bounces low and your opponent is now in the corner and you are at the net cutting off his return angle. If you hit your shot good, your opponent most likely UE's. But you must learn to anticipate this ball and have the fitness to meet the ball in time to...
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    What To Work On While Injured

    I myself am suffering downtime due to a torn calf muscle. In the meantime I'm trying to practice serving though I am just standing still without any foot motion. I am working on kick serves and even concentrating on ball placement at times, and power at other times, and in general trying...
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    Partially torn supraspinatus
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    A.R.T. -- Active Release Therapy -- tennis elbow

    Regarding my thread about a torn calf muscle.... ....I am becoming convinced I need deep tissue massage (or similar) to help break up scar tissue so as to minimize reoccurrence of the same injury. There are oodles of stories on the...
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    How do you know when a muscle tear is healed?

    Thanks Mike. That makes me feel a little more optimistic.
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    USTA tournament confusion

    I am 53 and returning to tennis after 15 years off. Never played USTA before. After reviewing the USTA website and reading 100s of threads here at this forum, I am still confused about USTA tournaments. The following USTA link (or some of the downloads on that page) talks about category...
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    How do you know when a muscle tear is healed?

    On my second injury, I had an xray, and the doc said it was just a slight tear of the calf. No tendon-related problems. On the latest tear (the third), the doc didn't bother to do any imaging. I have good motion of the foot and knee, and already (12 days) I am walking without a limp, and...
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    How do you know when a muscle tear is healed?

    Thanks Ken. I wonder if surgery would make it less likely to tear in the future? Seems like the pros are always getting surgery for the most minor injuries, I assume to quicken recovery, but maybe to strengthen the point of injury or tear than it otherwise would be if you let it heal...
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    How do you know when a muscle tear is healed?

    How long must I wait and exercise and stretch after the pain from a calf muscle tear (third time this year on the same muscle) goes away before I can have 100% confidence I can play at full-tilt? Last time I re-injured myself (about a week ago) was after a nine-week, doctor-prescribed...