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    Half Dozen Game

    4 the goat who married the same person twice.. wta slayer stepanek
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    3 things you'd do when we can be back to "normal" again

    Go to the footy.. Get back into playing my sports, basketball and boxing.. Pub quizzes with my friends.. I miss pints.. Ha
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    Half Dozen Game

    6 Ulna. Muscles. 1 quadrecep
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    What have you learned last month, any new projects?

    At first it was a bit of a struggle to get motivated to do anything.. All I've been doing is going for walks. I've taken some long service leave from work as I am with my brother who has downs syndrome and has had heart problems. I'm doing my best for him by minimizing any potential exposure I...
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    Half Dozen Game

    6 Drop bear. I mean platypus An event be it sporting, musical anything you were attending but have been denied thanks to the current lockdown cancelations. 1 iron maiden concert.
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    Confession Time

    Depends how active you were prior to locking down. It's easier to maintain a decent diet, while maybe snacking a touch more... But if you live a very active lifestyle, like playing sport or a physical training most nights a week prior it isn't quite the same..
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    I like Fries again :)

    They're really good... I use it all the time..
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    Confession Time

    Greg's old band played a few times with them back in the day... Haven't heard that song in ages...
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    Confession Time

    I must confess.. I saw that coming. :cool:
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    Confession Time

    Cheers, yes mostly sports photos.. Although I might post some on the animal speciation thread at some stage..
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    Half Dozen Game

    3 Cricket..
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    Half Dozen Game

    5 Red onions..
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    Please stay safe everyone

    So.. . How's that thing about American politics... Stay home, stay safe everyone. There is coming a time where politics will be the last thing on your mind.
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    Olympics officially postponed

    Nah, I think it will have a prolonging effect on his, and all their careers.. Resting their bodies up now getting over any injuries or pains.. Think they'll all be fit and firing for 2021..