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    At the end of the 4th set......

    Deal is that he gets that 30 M$ / year regardless if he plays tennis. It is insane deal. In asia brand itself doesnt count it is solely who uses the brand.
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    Technical discussion of Dimitrov's game

    Dimitrov has low elbow in trophy position. Thus givin less power and consistenct to serves and is more injury prone movement. Dimitrov has had second serve problems throughout his career.
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    Serena Williams

    Have you seen what racket smashing does to tennis court? Pieces fall out of the surface it and it leaves a hole there. It is disrespectful for tennis and for other players that smasher thinks he can abuse the court and don't care about the other players. It is not so bad in these grand slam...
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    Sampras - Federer will surpass me

    Federer WAS terribly weak player at 2009 AUS Open. Choked like mad and gave away the match with terrible mentality. Players have different phases. It's not all black and white as you say. Nadal was terrible choker for two years before 2017. Now he is still more human then in his best years, but...
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    Federer talks racquet history (in German)

    Wouldn't different string thickness be more reasonable translation than grip size? Fed doesn't get blisters and doesn't wear sports tape which would affect how the grip feels, but certainly sometimes grip just feels wrong eventhough it should be the same size, but going from 3 to 4 would be huge...
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    Grips: MOST are absolute crap. I can't play with anything else than Tournagrip

    Way more grippier and miles better and firmer grip thant tourna Mega tac is Toalson Ultra Grip. I recommend you to try it. It is thinner than Tourna. Sometimes it can be too thin, but remember that you should always wrap tacky overgrips lightly. Do not stretch tacky overgrips or you lose most of...
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    Attacking Moon balls

    Crushing moonball is high risk, high confidence needing shot. It's highly situational also. It needs impeccable timing. When confidence is high and there isn't lot of downside considering the situation, even many recreational players near 4.5 level are able to hit the ball through and take...
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    Fed fans and P1 fans enjoy!

    This just occurred to me. If you you use string savers, they are supposed to prevent strings from moving, right? But when you use polyester, isn't the main benefit from using them to enable more string movement and get more spin? Do string savers really prevent string movement, or do they just...
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    Who is a more entertaining player to watch at peak level: Del Potro or Marin Cilic?

    Both are one of the most one dimensional players in history to win a slam. Delpo is actually now almost watchable because he has to play with half a backhand. Now there is at least some change of tempo because of the slice. Tall players are killing tennis. There is basically zero interesting...
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    What type of tennis shoes would you recommend wearing on an artificial clay court?

    Artificial Clay court I havent seen but for Artificial Grass there is OMNI outsole. Look for that. It is little bit more durable than clay court shoe, and little bit more traction than in a hardcourt shoe.
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    Fed still practicing on HC

    That isn't clay. It's some kind of artificial surface.
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    What are the Rules for these situations?

    Before it is hit by server or server's partner. So according to this you can call it as long as you havent hit the ball. If return of serve seems too hard or you don't feel like playing you can always call a let. This is really cute! :)
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    What are the Rules for these situations?

    This seems weird. So if returner hits a good penetrating shot you as a server can always call a let, if you heard a net and stop playing after the return? Wouldn't that mean more mistakes calling the let in the match, when you have four players in doubles calling it. I believe that you are...
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    What are the Rules for these situations?

    I was pretty sure that only receiving team can call a let on ball klipping the net and being otherwise good. Now one of my friends is sure that it is possible to call a a let in doubles even if you are servers partner. I am pretty sure that he is mistaken that for footfault, even though thats...