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    Can someone explain the base clamp terminology?

    base clamp I have a Eagnas 911 machine and do a moderate amount of stringing - not a huge amount. One of the spring assisted swivel clamp bases is a problem - difficult to adjust and probably needs to be replaced. Suggestions.
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    Trying to work out my NTRP raking, thoughts?

    Although I would agree with the last few posters, there are some who can pick up the sport quickly especially if they have had experience in other sports like lacrosse, hockey, etc. I've had some who after a month or two can play at a fairly competitive level - in the 3's.
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    How many of you can watch the ball all the way to the stringbed?

    Well, I think most have concluded that we see only 20 - 30 frames per second. I often place quite a few balls on the court, several feet apart, to try to indicate this.
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    Tips for a higher ball toss?

    Good answer. In regards to your first point (lift speed) I tell players that the ball shouldn't be going any faster prior to the release than after.
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    Question for the Coaches

    Well, this is certainly an area that does depend on the age & skill level of the players; court position when lobed; how effective one's overhead skills are; etc. With older/mature players, I seldom encourage that they back petal for safety reasons - I've seen too many injuries and know of...
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    Ideal toss height?

    Yeah, I agree with Dave. Lower toss (hate that term (toss) but everyone uses it) also makes servers rush the entire motion in most instances - some make it work but it certainly has its drawbacks. 6" above the extended racquet is good for most that stay glued to the court.
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    Has Anyone Tried This?

    This product has been around for years and its inventor/distributor was a regular poster here. The product looks a little funny, creates inquires about being legal (which it is), is easy to install using overgrip, lightweight and actually works (at least to some extent). I tried it for a short...
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    return of serve drill

    Well, although Lee has contributed much to this forum, I have to disagree with his assessment of this kind of drill that many of us have used for some time. First, its a lot easier on us, as coaches, to serve from the service line for practice - although serving from the baseline is "probably"...
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    USPTA Exam question

    First of all, you should check with Vickie at USPTA to make sure of anything else you hear/read. Its my understanding that one can re-take certain sections of the exam after certain times have passed - again, check and make sure of these time constraints. Its also my understanding that there...
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    What is wrong with this picture

    Yes, good post and your correct.
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    What is wrong with this picture

    OK, so your seeing this "mostly" as a continuous motion without any pause - I think that makes sense. Many times this is where a hitch occurs & too often results in a take-back way too early.
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    What is wrong with this picture

    No, I'm guite sure its not you. I was referring to the slot position just prior to starting the forward swing.
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    What is wrong with this picture

    Interesting discussion. How do you guys address getting the racquet into the slot too early? I don't like the racquet back too early and "sometimes" find that players see this as the "waiting" position. I see this position, as some have already said, more as one of the many "dots" that have...
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    Help me improve my backhand

    Actually, it looks pretty good and I would also like to see a little more weight transfer - its there but not enough. Racquet path angle probably is a factor (think Lee pointed it out) - hard to say without seeing how the ball goes. Your hitting from fairly deep so the racquet path might be...
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    What is wrong with this picture

    Really like this post - well thought out and presented.