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    What's with the obsession with Barretini on this forum?

    Well it’s first big season and what’s great about him is he plays well on every surface, and he knows how to win titles. Multiple titles and a slam SF to his name during his first breakout year is more than nearly any of the next gen can claim.
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    Fedovic subpar form post Wimbledon

    Djokovic has actually been pretty lackluster all year apart from two matches (ironically the most important ones), the AO final and the Wimbledon final. Even in the Wimbledon final he was beaten pretty definitively in every stat there is besides the actual scoreline. Should not be understated...
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    Tall, powerful and fast. The next step in the evolution of tennis!

    The 6'6-yet-still-fast is definitely a new archetype of player that wasn't possible before due to advances in sports science. However that doesn't mean it's the only type that will ever win from now on. There are plenty of up and coming stars that aren't giants. Shapo, De Minaur, Rublev, Tiafoe...
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    Goffin is Greater than Hewitt

    So we're just making posts saying completely random ridiculous things now, huh?
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    Zverev 8 in the RTL?

    Ok for sure there's been some clowns in there recently. Carreno Busta, Tipsarevic, Sock. So maybe Zverev isn't all that outrageous. I'm not sure if I'd call him a threat for the title though, at this point at least. Things can change in the next month, but again, as of now he's at zero top ten...
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    Where are the NextGen Tsonga/Soderling replacements?

    Surprised Shapovalov hasn’t been mentioned. He’s always been my Tsonga successor pick. Super aggressive and athletic, but likely will never be consistent enough to be #1. Soderling is a tougher one, there’s no one really out there that gets the same level of easy power and aggression on all...
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    When this guy is at his 80%, he cleans everyone off the court

    Everyone can be beaten, even at their best. Djokovic you can look to his losses to Wawrinka and Murray in GS finals, or to Nadal on clay. He is definitely the most well-rounded player ever, though. There’s no “go-to” strategy to beat him. You just have to go toe to toe with him and somehow end...
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    Zverev 8 in the RTL?

    Them being injured doesn’t make the field less awful, it contributes to it. They’re not consistent or true threats to big titles anymore. For Zverev I mean of course he technically deserves it if he makes it, I’m saying that there are other players who have had really good years with a lot of...
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    Zverev 8 in the RTL?

    The field has just been awful this year besides exactly 6 players. If Zverev makes it it’ll be one of the most undeserved spots in a while. As Kyrgios reminded us, he has zero top 10 wins this year.
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    It's time to do something about Shanghai...

    I may be wrong, as I’m just basing off the fact that where I live (bay area) there are a huge amount of indians interested in tennis. So I figured it would be popular at least among some segments back in India.
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    It's time to do something about Shanghai...

    It’s always been like this in Shanghai (and other Chinese tournaments) as long as I can remember. The crowd starts showing up for the later rounds but the first few are always nearly empty. Not a good look at all for the sport, but it’s probably not wise to move away the biggest market in the...
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    How Times Change: Federer/Murray

    Ah, didn’t realize that.
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    How Times Change: Federer/Murray

    Seems like Murray really got under Fed’s skin. Let’s not forget the H2H was 5-1 Murray at one point. Not even Rafa ever had that much of a lead on him percentage wise.
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    A. Zverev is the most compelling player to watch right now

    He reminds me a bit of Djokovic in 2010. Struggling with the expectations around him, can't find confidence in his serve or forehand. And we all know what happened with Djokovic in 2011
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    Top 10 Upsets of the 2010s

    Cool idea! And great list. You definitely hit all the main ones I can think of. One change I would make is to place Rosol d. Nadal as 1st. That match was the first one that showed the big 4 (especially Nadal and Federer) were mortal after going deep in pretty much every slam the previous 3-4...