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    Renowed Handicapper Not Picking Odds-on Favorite Rafael Nadal

    The thing is even Rafa at 60-70% is enough to dominate the rest of the field unless someone pulls out an extremely inspired performance. It’s hard to imagine someone besides Djokovic doing that over 5 sets. I see this as a Nadal vs Djokovic tournament with Thiem as a distant third. I’m still...
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    Berdych is so underrated

    Berd’s most admirable quality IMO is his consistency. I would say he is THE most consistent top player of this generation outside the big 4 and maybe Ferrer. The amount of slam QFs he made is extremely impressive. His “peak form” made less appearances than the likes of Wawrinka or Cilic, but...
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    5'7" Diego Schwartzman reached ATP #11

    Diego is the extreme exception, not the rule. The dude is jaw-droppingly talented. His return stats constantly rival Nadal and Djokovic’s. However, having stats like that is really the only way someone that short could get to the top. His serve is just too vulnerable. It’s not even a bad shot...
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    Pro players with the best Twitter accounts.

    Tsitsipas is fun, you never know what cringey statement he’s going to post next.
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    RG draw - present your fav's worst scenario

    For Nadal: R1: Cuevas R2: Klizan R3: Schwartzmen R4: Fognini QF: Tsitsipas SF: Thiem F: Djokovic For Federer: R1: Tsonga R2: Hurkackz R3: Wawrinka R4: Monfils QF: Nishikori SF: Djokovic F: Nadal
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    Prediction :- Alexander Zverev will beat Rafael Nadal at 2019 Roland Garros

    Better prediction: Zverev loses R2 in 4 sets to someone ranked between 40 and 60.
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    Tsitsipas vs Shapovalov

    Shapo just hits way too many errors on average to put together good tournament runs. He’s turning out to be a Tsonga-like player: great fun to watch but too inconsistent to threaten the big tournaments more than a few times a year.
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    What happened with Wawrinka?

    Goffin's a quality player and a great returner when he's on. Scoreline makes sense to me.
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    Who has the best shot to beat Djokovic at Roland Garros?

    Lol talk about a reactionary post. Djokovic has a total of two good wins now in the past few months. Let’s see if he can keep it up.
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    Nadal only loses on clay, he does not get beat

    If anyone has the right to say this about their matches, it’s Nadal on clay. I can’t think of a single player in history that could beat Nadal on clay when he is playing his best.
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    Raonic vs Dimitrov

    Raonic is the better player but Dimitrov has had the better career simply because he peaked at a much better time.
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    The ATP schedule discussion 2021-onwards

    Queens doesn’t have the venue space to accommodate a 1000. If grass is to get an M1000 it would be at Halle or a new venue.
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    Is Nadal's clay dominance is over ?

    Nadal isn’t playing great but neither are the other RG favorites. It will be a matter of who can pull it together before the slam, and I’d put money on Rafa being able to do so more than the others.
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    Rank top 5 French Open Contenders

    Way too early to tell. We’ve literally only had one week of clay tennis. At this point I’m sticking with who has proved themselves able to go deep in previous years. 1. Nadal 2. Djokovic 3. Federer 4. Thiem 5. Zverev Fognini had a nice week but he is one of the absolute last people I would...