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    Why Andy Murray failed to become an ATG

    He is an ATG in my opinion. In any other era besides big 3 he wins 6-8 slams at least. Also completely disagree with your “champions play well even when they’re not their best” take. Murray’s game was entirely based around his speed and ability to chase balls and wear opponents down. Can’t...
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    It is official: Thiem best surface is Hard Court

    He has more results on HC because there’s more tournaments on HC. If you look at his win percentage, I’d suspect that it’d be higher overall on clay.
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    who do you think best bet to taking out novak djokovic in 2020 us open ?

    It’s gotta be Thiem. He seems to have taken no time off during this whole ordeal and has been playing exhos like crazy. It’s completely up in the air what form the other guys will be in.
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    Wimbledon. Peak Sampras v Peak Federer. Who would win?

    Modern grass Fed wins handily. On 90s grass it’d basically be a servebot contest so 50/50 there but I’d give the slight edge to Sampras.
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    2 - 4 slam winners, who was the best?

    Murray followed by Courier.
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    Is Federer-Roddick the most one sided rivalry in history?

    Fed-Roddick takes the cake for me because Roddick is a much higher calibre player than the other players in these one-sided rivalries. Roddick would have quite a few more grand slams if Federer hadn’t come into the picture.
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    Who is the most attractive NextGen guy?

    We need a Rublev option
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    20-20-20. Would you take it?

    Rafa fan so I’m tempted to say no because he has the largest current chance of going past 20, but it would be hilarious if it ended at 20 a piece because the GOAT debate would go on for eternity.
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    Which tournament is the least attractive in ATP TOUR 500?

    Hamburg and Rio seem to get the worst calibre of players currently. Vienna probably after that.
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    Does Robredo have the "record" for most Grand Slam match wins without ever reaching a Grand Slam final

    Had Berdych not had his one Wimby final he’d be the absolute king of this category - 146. Ferrer similarly impressive at 145.
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    Why is Isner solid from baseline and Karlovic is awful?

    Karlovic is from a different gen of players. He’s much better at the net than Isner.
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    Shapo's a comin

    He has basically the opposite problem to most from his gen, who lack weapons and creativity on court. He has weapons and game for days, he is just inconsistent. There's two paths he could take, he could never quite be able to reign things in and end up a Tsonga-like player, or it could all start...
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    2020 Ranking Predictions

    1) Nadal 2) Thiem 3) Medvedev 4) Djokovic 5) Tsitsipas 6) Zverev 7) Federer 8) Rublev 9) Shapovolov 10) Berretini
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    What exactly happened here?

    The crowd was obnoxiously pro Djokovic, they were screaming and even playing a trumpet every time Shapo served.