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    WTA Statement on Roland Garros Scheduling

    I would absolutely be livid if I paid top dollar to see a Men's SF and instead had to sit through that women's match.
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    Federer will beat Nadal in 5 sets

    Sorry guys but Nadal is nowhere near the level of when he beat Roger all those times on clay. For example, once he is stretched on the forehand, he can no longer consistently hit winners like he used to. Fed can now hit those forehands inside out, come to the net, and no longer fear those...
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    Federer will beat Nadal in 5 sets

    You heard it here first. These are the top 10 reasons why: Roger is full of confidence from his recent victory over a top opponent in Stanimal. Roger is full of confidence as he has beaten Nadal the last 6 encounters. Roger now understands what tactics work against Nadal. Whether its hard...
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    Federer News

    I'm so tired of seeing Nadal get easy draws. It happens almost every slam!!
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    Federer will win at least 110 titles

    Imagine if the grass court season was longer and they had more grass tournaments? Fed would already be at 110.
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    Look at Fed

    He'll do anything to stay away from Mirka..
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    Tsitsipas needs to beat Nadal

    Gentlemen, tonight may very well be the turning point for men's tennis. I agree with the OP, Stits MUST win tonight for the sake of tennis stability.
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    Can anyone other than Djokovic deny Fed #100 in AO at this point?

    He can beat the Joker but he would have to be playing his best with the Joker at maybe < 85%.
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    Can anyone other than Djokovic deny Fed #100 in AO at this point?

    Fed can lose to any of the remaining players if he plays poorly. With his age, its always a possibility that he's not able to bring his best game (or even 80%)
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    Katie Boulter

    Incredibly hot. Feel free to discuss.
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    R.elentless A.mazing F.earless A.dored

    Two words. Thomas Berdych.
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    Tomas Berdych will beat Rafael Nadal at 2019 Australian Open

    TB and Rafa would be a 4th round encounter. I highly doubt TB has what it takes to battle Rafa in a B05. If it was an earlier round match, maybe he could catch Rafa cold but not when Rafa has a few rounds in him.