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    RPM Power and New Pure Aero VS

    Honestly not looking forward to either, tried the new string out, its stiff yet powerful and the mains get stuck already from the first shot. The new racket doesnt seem great either, idk why they would change the mold. It looked so good as a box beam and now they changed it again. Even felix...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Solinco Confidential 1.25 (application period closed)

    How do we know if we got it or not?
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    New Pro Staff?

    Most likely black and white since that was the lst colorway
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    New Pro Staff?

    lmao yeah guys this is the old one not a new version lmao, pretty sure the next pro staffs are going to have the same color scheme as clash and blade
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    What is the COUNTERVAIL feature?

    It does matter for the sides because if you have 2 pieces of lead one at 3 and one at 9 but theyre both on the same side/ face of the racket then you are affecting the twistweight. If you only wanted to add the weight of to strips add one to 3 one one face side of the racket and one on 9 on the...
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    What is the COUNTERVAIL feature?

    imagine the positions of 3 and 9 oclock on a clock on the tennis racket, and putting the lead tape on both sides of the racket. Look up dimitrov lead tape on google images or any other pro players, a bunch use lead tape at those positions
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    What is the COUNTERVAIL feature?

    i have 4 pro staff 97s with CV, barely feel a difference from the non cv ones, put a leather grip on all of them and it feels 10x better than the synthetic grip, also recommend adding lead to 3 and 9.
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    String recommendation for Wilson Blade 98 V7 16x19

    Maybe try a soft poly, possibly tour bite soft, or blend the regular version with a multi in the crosses such as nxt.
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    switching..... looking for strings

    Thanks man, yes exactly, mid to high 40s is perfect for these polys I myself use TB at 48 or 46 lbs depending on surface. 48 on hard and 46 on clay.
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    Strings like Solinco Revolution

    I have tried tour bite, tour bite soft, and tour bite rough, overall tour bite 16L is the winner between these three for me. Try it out and see what you think TB and TBS are both better than TBR imo. Use it in my pro staffs and feels great.
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    switching..... looking for strings

    Try Solinco strings, I prefer tour bite in my pro staffs, but if that is too stiff for you try tour bite soft or Hyper G which is also a very good string and is softer on the arm compared to tour bite. TBS is a little more mushy but a lot softer compared to TB
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    New Laver Cup RF97 for 2019?
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    Yonex VCP 97 310 - Adding weight

    i did the same thing with my pro staff 97 (315). EVry similar racket to the vcore pro. Added leather grips and them put lead tape on all 4 sides at 3&9. i did it so that only 3 grommets are without lead tape on each side where the white paint is. Look up dimitrov lead tape, and its exactly like...
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    Love Tour Bite Full bed but it's maybe time to move on

    you might want to try tour bite soft, or tour bite rough. both are a bit softer but imo soft gives more spin than the rough and soft also gives more pop.
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    Nike Fall 2019

    anyway you guys could link the pitures of the shoes / clothing?