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    Angell K7 Lime is a very good racquet !

    Hey, a year late, but if you still have that K7 Lime with the leather grip, I'm quite interested.
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    Golfer's Elbow

    I’ve found this book helpful. And also this.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Angell ASL2 Still liking it. Playable in stock form depending on your style / level, but also...
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    Babolat Pure Aero 2019, no arm pain?

    Many lighter racquets are made relatively head-heavy. For example, PS85 is over 360g and has a balance point around 30.5 cm. A newer Blade will have a comparable or even higher swingweight at less than 320g weight. The consequence of that is that the recoil weight is low and, because the...
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    Golfer's Elbow

    Awesome! Keep at it. Congrats on getting back into the game.
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    Demoed it for a couple of hours. 14 string version. Gorgeous stick aesthetically speaking. Hits a very nice ball. I don’t generate enough spin to control it enough for my game, but didn’t play with strings or the new 18 string version. It’s a racquet I could play stock, however, in terms of...
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    Help me make a choice -- Heavy frame, or more modern mold?

    How often do you break strings in the DG97?.. if not too often, have you tried stringing with thin gut — you may get a bit more speed on the swing and on the ball, no loss of spin, just a tad faster through the air, and more comfort. (Ask me how I know!..) That said, G-Pro was a very pleasant...
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    Babolat Tonic/ Gosen AK Pro CX (NatGut/SynGut)

    Interesting... Thanks for sharing. To my taste, those seem like rather high tensions for Duel G, even for full gut — I’ve strung that racquet with gut @50-55 lbs, and while 55 wasn’t too boardy, that racquet is stiffer than one would imagine. Anyways, very curious about your impressions of...
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    Angell ASL2

    10+ hrs on ASL2 with a soft round poly in it at 45lbs, plus a bit of lead at 3&9 and in the handle, 345g total weight. It’s a bit (10-20g) lighter than what I used to play, but I got the balance such that the swingweight feels comparable. The racquet comes through the air nicely, without undue...
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    Angell ASL2

    ASL2 is a good stick, ATMO. Takes well to customization, good maneuverability, good feel and honest feedback. Seems a bit string sensitive, so worth experimenting. Like an older ProStaff, but with good quality control. [emoji79]
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    PUMA/ESTUSA- please bring back the Becker Super

    Count me in the blue-red “egg-head” camp. Would love me some more of them Puma/Estusa sticks. Their weights were all over the place though... Better QC would not hurt at all!
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    Luxilon Natural Gut String = Wilson Natural Gut string

    I had two sets of Lux gut strung in old school frames with an open 16x19 pattern. The stringer said they didn’t enjoy the experience — too hard of a coating and an unruly string to work with, compared to other guts and regular strings. Hadn’t heard such complaints about Klip. Feel wise, Lux...
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    i am going to string full bed NatGut at 50lbs. maybe.

    I used gut in a tight 16x20 at 50 lbs. Played nicely. In more open 16x19 at 50 it was too powerful / hard to control — needed at least 55. Putting in a bunch of String savers wasn’t that helpful IME - tightened the stringbed but ruined the feel. My pref is probably gut at 58-60 lbs in a...
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    Head Gravity

    Mirrors my impression of the GPro. Got some other sticks recently, but if a good deal comes along....
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    It’s a box beam, but does taper from the throat to the hoop in a continuous manner, but opposite of the Prince CTS. A little bit of lead at 12 o’clock helps with power.