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    Tennis Scheduling Software Recommendations?

    Anyone had any experience with the non-tennis specific systems like Zen Planner or Mind Body Online? They have very slick interfaces and handle a lot of functionality for pretty reasonable prices.
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    Tennis Scheduling Software Recommendations?

    Does anyone have any experience with, opinions on, or recommendations for different tennis facility management software packages? I'm looking into software to handle lesson scheduling/billing for our club, and perhaps eventually growing into other areas. If we go this way, we'd probably want...
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    There's a Tennis Channel app that allows free streaming of the French Open!

    It was dropping out on my iPad earlier today, but it's still very nice. Do we know how access is going to be controlled after this week in terms of subscriptions?
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    -1 Certified USTA Official

    Just a final note, as I think that pretty much everything that needs to be said has been said. 1. Thanks for the advice and suggestions, everyone. I do appreciate the feedback, though I'm not going to return to officiating this year. Maybe in the future. 2. Yes, NCIS isn't a fly-by-night...
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    -1 Certified USTA Official

    I did up exchanging email with the USTA senior counsel. He explicitly refused to provide any legal guidance as to what the waiver actually means and what rights I would retain and waive if I signed the waiver.
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    -1 Certified USTA Official

    Here's the relevant section of the waiver, which doesn't mention just lawful use of the results:
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    -1 Certified USTA Official

    Well, I can see why NCIS refused to answer because the waiver is covering their rear end. The USTA doesn't actually receive any of my personal information however - just a list of people who passed the background check - so I don't actually understand why *they* refused to answer, especially...
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    -1 Certified USTA Official

    My guess is that the waiver isn't worth anything if you could show negligence on the part of NCIS. That's actually my real question, but I'm not a lawyer and am not willing to hire one to work as a USTA official. That's why I asked the USTA (to whom I pay dues and is requiring the check) what...
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    -1 Certified USTA Official

    There's nothing I want to hide, no, except to make sure that the people I give my sensitive information to (e.g. SSN, past addresses for the last 10 years, and a wide range of other things that would make identity theft trivial were it disclosed) actually have some incentive to treat that...
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    -1 Certified USTA Official

    I took up USTA officiating several years ago, not long after I tore my ACL on court, as a way of staying involved with on-court tennis until my knee healed, and continued it after returning to play through last year, roving and refereeing sectional events and working chairs and lines at ITA...
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    Rules or Code Provisions Hardly Anyone Knows

    Even fewer people realize that you can hit it into *their* side of the net to essentially guarantee that you win that point.
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    Again With The Footfaulting?

    Another one that most people miss that is surprisingly often is foot faulting the center line. Two common cases I see pretty often: 1. A right hander serving from the deuce side lines up with their front (left) foot just to the right of the center hash mark and the back (right) foot offset...
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    Davydenko Join Dunlop

    200 has a similar weight, balance, and flex to the Ozone Tour, but a smaller head size. As much as I'd love to see him using a 200, a customized 300 is more likely, I'd think.
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    Dunlop website - new player!?!

    Nice. :) Wonder what he's using...
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    College hooking rules for Juniors???

    As an official, I'd *love* to have 1 official per two matches; however, officials aren't free and there aren't that many of us in most places. Would you be willing to double entry fees to all junior tournaments to do this? Where are high school athletic associations going to come up with the...