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    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    Hello, @Babolat Official, I have a similar question: will the upcoming 2022 PS VS grommets fit PS VS Tour, given they are both 16X20? (while the width may be different... but I guess it can be trimmed off to fit :) Thanks in Advance
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    Head Prestige Pro 95 inch

    Sure thing... For me *personally*, stiffer 66+ RA frames offer more power in general, and not needing to hit right on the sweet spot every shot for them to work, so it kinda feels like their sweet spot are bigger. (again, for me) (**that is: assume you don't string it super tight or using...
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    Head Prestige Pro 95 inch

    If your old Radical MPs are one of those Graphene iterations, you're in for a change of stiffeness that need a bit of getting used to... That is, from high to low. The Radical MPs are RA 65 to 68, versus 63-65 for the Prestige Pros (62-63 for the Pre-360s) If you got the 360 PP, lower the...
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    A Classic 90 sq inch frame easier to play than some Modern 100s.

    Another important element of the classic mids were the THIN beam width 17-19mm, which make them super maneuverable. Not hurting is the box beam cross section which provided the needed feel for topspin shots. BTW, POG mid would be a better comparison for this test, as its more powerful -- I'd...
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    Hail to the Champions of the West...

    Wait... what??? The West??? Must be the very good old days when Michigan is considered the WEST :unsure: God, this is one haunting fight song, along side with the Notre Dame one that stays in your head for hours, if not days, upon hearing it. Congrats to the Maize and Blues, one hec of a...
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    from Babolat pure Storm > to pure Strike

    The RA rating alone does not give you the whole picture, not hurting is it's true box beam structure... To me PS VS Tour plays just right, pretty comfortable while not too mushy (though I don't mind the RA go even up a bit to 66) Pure Storm Tour GT had a RA of 64-65 too, and it wasn't feeling...
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    Will It Pallet?

    One of my Wilson nCode Tour 90 got similar type of hairpin shape.
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    If ATP pros use Gut/Poly, why do rec 3.5 and 4.0 players use Poly/Poly ?

    I don't see a whole lot of NexGen ATP top 50 guys using Gut/Poly... By the time Djoker, Fed, Cilic, are gone, only Dimitrov, Nishikori, Boric remain. And after these are gone too, probably none. And Zverev is Poly/Gut. May be Thiem will move back to gut/poly after rehab? :oops:
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    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    Black Force 1.14 vs Pro Line II 1.15 as a cross for shaped poly mains? Any input?
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    Official Babolat Strike VS 2022 thread

    Even for those 2001-2004 version PCs with 70+RA, they felt like 65-67 RAs. No jarring feel at all, really solid and stable feel frames for heavy rallies reminiscent of a slightly larger and denser pattern POG mid.
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    Official Babolat Strike VS 2022 thread

    Concurred. PS VS Tour was a good example of such. I have yet to hear any PC Tour users have difficulties transiting to PS VS Tour due to the slight increase from 63 to 65 RA. Most feedback were that PS VS tour offered very similar comfort, with additional solid feel and stability on heavy...
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    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    Same here. Like the 16X20 pattern better, beats the Fake 16X19 of PS anytime for me. But not so much if its too under-powered. IMO, an unstrung RA of 66-67 (strung 64-65) will be soft enough for most Pure Controllers, yet not too mushy for Pure Strikers. Pure Storm Tour GT or the similar...
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    Is 1HBH really a weakness in today's (professional) game?

    Did most of the Djoker BH short balls in those games came from rallying with Nadal's cross-court FH or BH? I don't recall Djoker's FH broke down and yield a lot of short balls for Nadal to attack either.
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    Is 1HBH really a weakness in today's (professional) game?

    We need ANOTHER LEFTY Nadal to expose this lefty Nadal :laughing: Wait... I think the Nadal school of topspin play is gonna extinct after Nadal :sick: