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    LeftyTigger is a great buyer

    Excellent transaction with LeftTigger. He waited patiently while I was out on vacation, had good communication and paid promptly.
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    Babolat Pure Strike Stress Cracks In Throat

    I have owned Pure Drive Roddicks (2012 version), older Pure Controls, and Pure Drive Roddicks GT+ and have not experienced any cracking in those frames. I also have used several different Head frames (Radicals, Prestiges, Speeds, etc.) and some Wilsons over the years and have had no cracking...
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    I increased the weight of my Gravity Tours to (unstrung) 310 grams, 320 mm balance, and 297 SW. I also changed the grip pallets to the old TK76 pallets. This setup feels perfect for me. I must admit I did not play them stock.
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    Babolat Pure Strike Stress Cracks In Throat

    Had this happen to all 3 of mine (PO7 16x19) but occurred at the 1.5 year mark so no warranty coverage. Have switched to the Head Gravity Tour.
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    Wanted: Boris Becker London, (4 3/8) & Grommets

    I have 4 Londons in size 3 grip. All in excellent condition. Also have 8 grommet strips. Email paulfisher1 AT suddenlink DOT net
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    The Babolat Pure Strike Project Two Zero Thread

    Looking at the pictures the racquet shown appears to be a 16x19 pattern based on number of string holes. However, based on string hole spacing the pattern looks to be mains skip 7 and 9 instead of the PO7 pattern of skipping only 8 mains. Anyone have any information on this? Is Babolat changing...
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    2017 Pure Strike

    I agree that the PS 16x19 plays much better weighted above stock specs. Mine are at unstrung specs of 313 grams, 31.7 cm balance, and 300 sw. Perfect specs for me and the racquet plays great. Also became one of the most arm friendly racquets I own. No issues there. Actually switched to it...
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    Customizers: Asymmetric weights ?

    Jimmy Connors used to weight one side of his T-2000. He always kept the weight the same way but I don't remember if that was up or down. Watching on TV there are several pros that keep the same side up all the time (for whatever reason.)
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    Masters Finals - Best of 5. Yes or No??

    The entire tournament up to the final is best of three. Who made it to the final is based on best of three matches. To suddenly change to best of five changes the dynamics of the players who got there. The entire tournament from start to finish should be based on the same format.
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    Great purchase from Chill22

    Bought a racquet from Chill22. Good communication and racquet in great shape. Would deal with again.
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    FT: 2-Becker Delta Core Londons

    For Trade: 2 Boris Becker Delta Core Londons, 3/8 grips, 8.5/10. Want to trade for Head YT IG Radical Pros in 3/8 grips in similar condition. Contact me at paulfisher1 AT suddenlink DOT net
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    Babolat Star 3, questions, parts?

    Star 3 Parts Check with Tennis Machines Inc. for spare parts.
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    FS: 2x Babolat Pure Drive Roddick

    Selling 2 Babolat Pure Drive Roddicks. Current paint scheme. 3/8 grips on both. Excellent condition (9/10), scuffs on the bumper but no scratches on the paint. $115 each shipped in the conus. $220 shipped for the pair. Also have the Babolat French Open 2013 6 pack bag in 9/10 condition for $40...
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    What is Wilson's PARALLEL DRILLING?

    Babolat at has been doing this in their Woofer system for many years. The strings holes are parallel with the strings crossing the string bed. Head has started this also with the Graphene Speed and others. The patent must have expired.
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    lockout machine vs constant pull/ drop weight

    A constant pull machine will result in a firmer string bed due to the continued stretching of the string until the string clamps are set. The amount of time between the initial reaching of the reference tension and the time when the clamps are set affect the resultant tension. A typical rule...