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    New Prince coming?

    @Zoolander Extra material stiffens the hoop at the tip increasing the Twist Weight. Prince first used this design in the triple threat series released in the late 1990's
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    Prince Phantom 100X 305

    @Yamin The O3 Tour 100; 290g that I ordered from TWE , stiffness is closer to the O3 Beast 98 than the O3 Phantom 100,both of which I own
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    Head Graphene Radical MP grommets

    @TW Staff Redish frame clear bumper which model can I use 16 x 20 Thank you
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    Prince 50th anniversary re-releases

    @mjwtpro1 I ordered the O3 100 Tour from TWE. Less than a week to the east coast of the USA. I am very happy with this frame as it is extremely smooth, with a slightly stiffer, yet comfortable layup.
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    Prince Tennis O3 Tour Racket

    @sredna42 It cost 22 euros to ship from TWE to the east coast.
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    Prince Tennis O3 Tour Racket

    @sredna42 I ordered the O3 Tour 100 290 gram from TWE. Arrived in less than a week which shocked me giving the times we live in. It is more powerful than the original O3 Tour I own. It was well worth the price IMHO i
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    O3 Tour 100 Grommets

    @TWE Staff Are there plans to stock them as I don't see any listed ? Thank you
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    Prince vs. Wilson quality control?

    Prince based on my limited sample below. Set of three O3 Phantom 100 picked up one by one are within 2 grams. My set of four O3 Beast 104 are within 3 grams of each other. In both frames they are a little light. Wilson Burn 100 Teams 5 frames with a range of six grams either way for a team member.
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    NEED FEEDBACK: Prince and Hydrogen Collaboration

    I purchased an Heritage O3 Tour100 from TWE. Great frame . I would hope either a 290 or the 310 gram version gets imported. This frame & Bag are a pass. They are way too busy.
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    Head TI S7, Prince O3 Platinum 125 , Wilson ultra xp 125...anyó ne ever try all three

    @graycrait ; @The Dark Knight The Prince Speedport Platinum 125 and Gold 115 can both be strung though the throat. I string my Golds as a 110 with the included throat piece.
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    Head TI S7, Prince O3 Platinum 125 , Wilson ultra xp 125...anyó ne ever try all three

    @danbrenner ITF rule limits the length of the main stings.
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    Do you miss any shoes from the past?

    Adidas Climacool Feathers.
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    Updated Prince Tour line?

    @welcome2petrkordaland A review from a 65+ over league player........... I have a Clash Tour. I have been a Prince ported player since their release. I find this model Tour to be more powerful than the original O3 tour. There was a stiffer lay up TX141P-100 TK3E & the new tours have that...
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    Updated Prince Tour line?

    This model is 310 @GreenClay
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    Becker world champion racket

    Interview Günther Bosch Coach Boris Becker Puma G Vilas | The Berlin Tennis Gallery English subtitles Explains why the frame had problems