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    Tier One Ghostwire

    @dnguyen Laserfibre has a made in USA poly
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    No more plastic bags at Wimbledon

    @Ronaldo No, the red top is the same recycle code plastic as the body.
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    No more plastic bags at Wimbledon

    @Dags The bottles are supposed to be 100% recyclable according to the ads.
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    New Beast 2020 in Japan

    Well, I will need to add an O3 104 to my bag just to compare.
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    Anyone get the new Genesis shaped string?

    Ordered a reel blindly for 1/2 price plus shipping. I will chime in once it arrives.
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    Need specs on Prince CTS Synergy 32 OS racquet

    Balance points should be measured for your frame as the specs will vary Here is a link BALANCE
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    New Beast 2020 in Japan

    @graycrait I expect some of the Beast Line will make it to the USA after the Open. The X series I'm not so sure.
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    New Beast 2020 in Japan I use CHROME browser to auto translate the page. Hope this doesn't run afoul of any rules
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    Verdasco blacked out Head at Eastbourne

    @jmacdaununder2 Kieth &, Verdasco will continue their winning ways,never to stop switching up as the next one may be the best one.
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    Do you guys notice racquet feel deteriorate over time?

    Yes they break down over time which is not a bad thing for some players Del Potro did not like the "new" frames Wilson made from his old mold a few years back. Same with James Blake. For me. anything under 150 cycles of re-strings / frame I can not notice 8-B
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    Do they offer custom shoes (with pimples) for grass court only

    I have worn their shoes and textiles, they worked for me.
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    Do they offer custom shoes (with pimples) for grass court only Take a look at these
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    Clash 108

    @ollinger With my on going experience with the Tour model being rather low powered, I doubt the 108 will have an excess power problem. Perhaps I'll get a demo.
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    Tennis Warehouse: Tourna co-polyester PLAYTEST!

    End of Play test report String received Tourna Deuce 17 Tension(s) used for play-test 44 lbs Current String set up Bear Claw 1.20 mm, I switch strings a lot Racquet used for test : Prince O3 Speedport Gold 110 Power/Control of test...