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    Dan Evan's Racquet and set up

    @IowaGuy as uk_skippy posted nCode 6.1 95 18x20 Luxilon ALU Rough/Wilson sensation [ replaced by gut ] @ ~ 50lbs ,
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    Team Black Bear Tennis is official!

    @Black Bear Tennis Official My strongest 4.5 client gets 8 hours from 1.19mm @ 54lbs in his Yonex 97 305 gram. Starting in on my 2nd reel. He made the switch from Black Widow as Bear Claw feels better on his arm & the consistent control is just what he has been searching for.
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    New Prince Racquets (again)

    @gino Prince's Beast marketing program with the green cateye, predates them, granted it was just for the string.
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    Q for Troy: Prince Phantoms...

    @2nd Serve Ace Of course you are correct. I edited it to say heavier, which is what supports the rest of my post. Thank you.
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    Regarding Yonex Stringing Methods.

    @tennisbike USRSA recommended we follow Yonex rule for the lower tension in 1987 when I asked Jill Workman & John Bourdman at the Philadelphia Certified Stringer testing session. So at least since the R-22 as for model.
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    Sponsership changes in 2019?

    With the Olympics in Japan, Uniglo was rumored to be in the bidding for Osaka.
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    Q for Troy: Prince Phantoms...

    @Tao69 Adding a leather grip usually shifts the balance more headlight as leather is heavier than the synthetic grips on the Prince frames.
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    Is Wilson Blade the most used frame on tour?

    @jarko111 My take on the matter The Brand's rights in the US was sold to management company that did not understand the tennis market. They were expecting a big name to drive sales. The grass roots teaching pro in the US had driven sales since the brands launch IMHO. Prince Japan is a...
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    Guillermo Vilas racquet History

    @vsbabolat @BorgCash The double V is a gut company from the era. French I believe. I remember it sounding like "Vila Vitch"
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    Which strings are these? Can you help me identify them?

    Try Prince SG yellow. Poly had not taken over for young players then. The OP stated the strings moved and made a crunching sound, leading me to feel it is a basic Syn Gut.
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    Head MXG 1

    Well all of the MxG line are on clearance @ TW. A rather quick hook even by today's standards. Perhaps they will release a CAP version after this generation is cleared out. The one pictured on the machine in this thread, seemed to only have 16 mains. I only saw a couple of the Sr players at...
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    Kohlschreiber is using the RF97 black and white

    @Virginia Oh but they are players endorsing this pj. Several of the women have the Tuxedo over whatever they actually use.
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    Kohlschreiber is using the RF97 black and white

    @Virginia He gets the frame he has been using, just with the current paint job. Otherwise, he might have to pay for his frames, if he could find them. Why I dare to say if HEAD would release the PT 57 A, made in Austria with a MxG pj, @vsbabolat might even give it his blessing after a proper...
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    Prince "Experimental" 2-handed racket

    @graycrait I play in the 65s, so we are from the same generation. Enjoy your frame.
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    Prince "Experimental" 2-handed racket

    I use a Natural racket as part of my training. I found it helps me smooth out my single handed strokes when warming up.