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    Medvedev's ...underware?

    A win ?;)
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    What will be your pointless “it was on sale” purchase this year?

    About 20 sets of "extra " poly, so far.
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    Which Prince is Granollers using now?

    I remember reading that the O3 Tour contract players had a stiffer lay up than the ones sold in the US. The current O3 Tour has a RDC of 65 The O3 Phantom 100 X has a RDC of 60 My vote goes to the stiffer frame
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    Which Prince is Granollers using now?

    Best photo I have found I enlarged the above picture where I could make out the ports. It could also be the current European O3 Tour 100 in the Phantom pj.
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    Gamma 4000 String Machine pictures

    @Ronaldo I agree. Consistent proper technique is the goal.
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    Gamma 4000 String Machine pictures

    Yes, but upping the tenson on the tie off wasn't done in the early 1970's when I was introduced to this machine
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    Mannarino racket

    1 kilo = 2.2 pounds I know of no tennis stringing machine that pulls over 130 lbs
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    How Long does Natural Gut / (co)Poly Hybrid Last?

    A stiffer frame rebounds quicker which increases the peak load on the string bed.
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    Prince Tour series update?

    O3 Tour with ATS, yes please.
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    Finding a happy ground between RF97A and Prince O3 Tour

    @t_pac Thank you for pointing this out to me. The re-painted 2018/19 model plays stiffer and with more comfort than the original O3 Tour. As the O3 Legacy 110 which have ATS are replacing my O3 Premier 110s. The slight but noticeable improvementI notice is incorrectly attributed the feel to ATS.
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    Finding a happy ground between RF97A and Prince O3 Tour

    @SlvrDragon50 I am very happy that I ordered the o3 Tour from TWE. While I have used O3 110, since their release, I have kept a Tour in my bag for over 10 years. Ported frames just are quicker and easier for me to use. The new lay up seems to increase the sweet zone up towards the tip. My...
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    So tempted. . .!

    @babar We all must do what we can to keep the economy rolling . Buy them. :cool:
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    Prince tennis shoes available outside the U.S. ?

    Bottoms remind me of the Warior model TW sold a few years ago.
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    First Racket

    @JW10S S&H Green Stamps, of course I remember. Early loyalty program. Spalding Smasher was my 1st serious racket as a fan of Big Pancho.
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    Who is this for?

    @3loudboys The Weed 135 Brent Able of Whats the right shot uses one. He switched recently after running out of the OS Babolat he had used for years