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    Rare Apparel and Shoes

    i've got this shirt that santoro used to wear. i'm open to selling it if anyone is interested.
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    Nike Air Zoom Vapor Speed

    only 12, sorry. and i remember the blue ones, those were amazing. i went to a trip to china that summer and saw them in a nike store there, always regretted not buying them when i saw them.
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    Nike Air Zoom Vapor Speed

    while we're on the topic, ive got a few other pieces of older gear that im looking to sell. mods, sorry if i shouldnt post them here (i just figured the same people that would be interested in the shoes would be interested in other gear as well). feel free to move my post wherever necessary but...
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    Nike Air Zoom Vapor Speed

    sale pending. you can still send offers through, nothing is final yet.
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    Nike Air Zoom Vapor Speed

    hey guys i know this is a really old thread, but i know that there are still some fans out there of this shoe. ive got one pair that i need to get rid of due to the fact that i no longer play the sport. ive got a pair of the vapor speeds in white and red, still brand new never worn, in size 12...
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    Nike Vapor Speeds

    ive got a new pair of the french open red/white colorway in sz 11 i would sell. contact me at if you are interested.
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    does anybody know were I can buy the nike air zoom vapor speeds

    ive got a pair sz 12 (they fit small, closer to a 11 or 11.5). brand new, white/red roland garros colorway. email me at if you are interested. heres a pic of them online so you know which i am talking about
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    Adidas Aussie Summer Range (Pics)

    i dont know if it has been mentioned, but there are pics up on p.w p. theyve got some live pics up too
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    For all who's favorite ISN'T in the Top 4.

    safin, santoro, tsonga... in that order
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    any upenn players out there?

    yeah that would be great. my email is in case he needs to contact me
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    any upenn players out there?

    not one person ???
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    any upenn players out there?

    wondering if there are any upenn players on here? im going up to stay at the campus for a month and was wondering if anyone knew any places to hit or players to hit with. i am a good player (dont know how to rate myself on the number scale), but i play mens opens and a few futures in south florida.
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    anybody know the specs of the prince cts synergy 24 mid plus (oldschool stick)

    hah sorry, but the racket is 20 years old!