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    Need suggestions for Shoes for over pronation and flat feet 2021

    Well first I’d get custom orthotics. Like you I have flat feet abs over pronate. The custom orthotics change my life, no more pain. NB or try K Swiss.
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    Clash 98: underrated racquet of 2019.

    Going to try Element/Alu Rough next in my 98. Anyone else played with this set up?
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    2021 Yonex VCore Pro Official Thread

    Anyone move from Clash 98 to VCP 97 310?
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    Alu Power vs. Alu Power Rough........ again

    How long do you guys think Alu last as a cross?
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    I think it looks awesome. Bold move and much needed in the boring Wilson paint schemes they been using for years.
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    New Balance Lav V2

    On Instagram there is also a orange/blue which is very nice.
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    New Balance Lav V2

    Get a proper insole and shouldn’t be a problem. I’m really liking the orange colour way.
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    2021 Yonex VCore Pro Official Thread

    I’m a Yonex guy but that paint scheme is ‍♂️. Plus I’m a child of the 80s.
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    Hybrid choice: Babalot VS 16 main and corss?

    I use Yonex Poly Tour Pro with gut mains. It’s comfortable and last a while.
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    Nat gut mains and Velocity MLT crosses.

    Element is soft try that in the crosses. I use gut/element if my arm hurts for a few months. It’s very easy on the arm. 54/52lbs.
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    Head Lynx Tour - Official Thread

    It’s my set up in my DR98. I use 52/50.
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    Ezone DR 98 similar racquets

    If this route is an option then try VCP 97 HD. Although i feel neither are replacements for DR. I got both.
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    Ezone DR 98 similar racquets

    Clash 98 has a nice soft feel, but it feels very different then the DR98. The DR98 is my primary stick and I’m using a Clash 98 at the moment to protect my arm. String beds just react differently to the ball, both are pretty string dependent. It’s still taking me some time to dial in the...
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    Hyper G vs Element (tension)

    I have had the opposite experience. Element to me feels softer.
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    Last ditch effort for a comfortable racquet

    Clash 98 strung with gut in the mains and Element in the crosses is so doing wonders for my recovering arm.