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    Mats Wilander vs Stefan Edberg: Greatest Career?

    You forget one thing and that is Davis Cup, alla other players in the swedish team in the 80s said that Mats was the guy who made the whole team better. He took care of the others. For me Wilander will be nr 1 between him and Edberg. More slams, better H2H.
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    Mobility on Different Surfaces

    So Wilander and Lendl could not move so great on hard court or clay?? Mecir did win a lot of hard courts slams?
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    Did Wilander do anything better than Borg?

    You never saw wilander in 88? A peak wilander would had won over Borg.
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    At their best, who would win?

    women i would vote for Graf and maybe Evert because she was so clever. Men: i think both Lendl and Wilander at their best could beat sampras and Federer on hardcourt
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    Connors vs Wilander?

    Why did Connors had such a hard time against Wilander? Connors game was perfect against Edberg but against wilander he really struggled.
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    Doubles GOAT ?

    Wilander/Nyström who won the Wim 1986:)
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    Wilander underrated:)

    Just saw this vid of him. A great match against cash in 1988. He really was fast on the court.
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    Match Stats/Report - McEnroe vs Wilander, Davis Cup, 1984

    If it would have been 2-2 in matches. Wilander would have won. Wilander have never been a player to win matches that does not mean anything.
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    borgs game since he retired in 83

    If it is not Slams or Davis Cup Wilander will not performe at his best.
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    borgs game since he retired in 83

    If it is not Slams or Davis Cup Wilander will not performe at his best.
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    Match Stats - Lendl/Connors Forest Hills 1984

    The strange about connors that he never won a match against Wilander:)
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    Wilander so tough !!!

    he moves great here even that i lost the match:)
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    Wilander so tough !!!

    He lives there because his son does have a skin illnes that makes it better for him when he lives in a colder weather.
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    Great Boris Becker doc

    Becker is a very likable guy. He had an fantastic talent. He was a very hard hitter and maybe the best serv ever. He moved fantastic even how big he was. He had some bad matches when it was very warm. Wilander beat him in AO i think in the quaterfinals. Many times he could easily blow wilander...
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    2nd greatest Swede: Edberg or Wilander?

    It nothing wrong to vote for Edberg he was a great player. Im as a swed, Think that Wilander had more impact on the people in sweden then Edberg had. When borg did stop playing everyone thought that this was the end. And then came this 17 year old guy i won the French open title and was the...