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    FO 2009 SF#1 - Soderling vs Gonzalez

    Im in the office men , im a ****ing slave , 10:21 a.m in Chile ..... but anyway praying for GOnzo in the final and waiting for the sunday
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    FO 2009 SF#1 - Soderling vs Gonzalez

    Vamos Fernando Conchetumadre Vamooooooooooooooooos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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    Never. Rios loose in quarter final vs Moya ... that was his best performance in RG
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    Marcelo Rios vs Tim Henman , SF Lipton 98

    thats great , so you will enjoy this video !!!! Regards man WARNING This video its not about highlights, honestly its just Rios amazing points
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    Marcelo Rios vs Tim Henman , SF Lipton 98

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    Another amazin Rios shot.

    Marcelo Rios Rules 8)
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    Nadal stands up for Phelps: 'Sportsmen are just not machines'

    Fintendo you should smoke some joins first and then talk ;-)
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    Is there anyone in tennis history who could have been Nadal's worst nightmare?

    Marcelo Rios in a good and inspired day... lefty's business
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    Nadal stands up for Phelps: 'Sportsmen are just not machines'

    smoke weed is a gift from GOD go Phelps hit the bong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! show the world that smoke weed is healthier than drink alcohol , smoke cigarretes , living under stress and all that **** Weed and Sport together is a nice life style
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    AO Final 2009: Not A Classic...Again!

    for me was an amazing match
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    Djokovic vs Roddick - 1/4 finals

    This Forum is too American , if the guy who retired would have been an american you would have excused him If Djokovic did not feel good and he felt he could not play anymore, it was the right choice to retire.
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    AO SF - R. Federer vs A. Roddick

    Federer in straights ,,, Roddick never ever will beat Roger ,,, a lot of fear about him
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    R.Gasquet (FRA) vs. F.Gonzalez (CHI) - 3rd Rnd

    Grande Gonzaleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez Ce A Chei Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Ele E Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Chi Chi Chi Le Le Le Viva Chile :):):):)
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    Rafa quits Shangai???

    Smart decision. This Davis Cup final will be amazing , and Nadal must be 100 % Playing this final for Nadal will be unforgettable, will be the most hot tennis weekend in his carrer , even more than shangai , RG or any master. Im from Chile and I know the Argentinians , may be the most...