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    20for20 #11: 2008 3R, Hewitt vs Baghdatis

    That 3rd round at the AO 2008 was absolutely insane. With this, Roddick-Kohlschreiber and Tipsarevic-Federer.
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    The 2020 US Open will forever be tainted

    Okay, I was joking there, but going by that logic: If Nadal is an injured person who plays tennis (his uncle's words) why does he bother playing at all if he risks his condition? Do you think he was healthy going into USO? Is it possible for healthy Fedr to skip Cincy? :unsure:
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    The 2020 US Open will forever be tainted

    Idk, why does Nadal keep playing Tour Finals when he knows he's going to lose? :unsure:
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    The 2020 US Open will forever be tainted

    The back injury. He skipped Cincy and it followed him throughout the USO.
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    The 2020 US Open will forever be tainted

    If any slam win deserves to be asterisked it's USO 17.
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    Breaking news ! :: No Nadal on US Open entry list

    A very strong Medvedev who remembered how to play tennis after being 2 sets down.
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    who can beat djokovic in 2020 us open ?

    Hypothetical peak Berrettini will demolish Novak 6-0 6-1 6-0
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    it seems like 2020 us open will take the place

    Wasn't it the Berrettini Open last year? I think OP meant it'll take its' place
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    So how will the points / ranking system work?

    Basically they're designed to give Nadal the YE #1 on a silver platter.
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    Was Marco Cecchinato juiced up during RG 18?

    Kinda like Puerta, he barely did anything beside that one run at a slam, where he managed to beat several high seeds, along with an ATG. He wasn't plagued with injuries, either. Does this arouse any suspicion?
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    Who of "Big 4" tennis, will become commentary

    "The level of tennis in dis is bery high, no?" Honestly, Nadal would be the most interesting, that's for sure.
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    How many slams would Monica Seles have won if she didn't get intercepted?

    Both Seles and Steffi would finish somewhere at 15-20 range.
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    The big 3 should probably not play the US open or RG

    You obviously don't know the #1 rule of the big 3.