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    Nadal has won 18 of his last 20 finals

    You forgot to factor in luck as well, luck of the draw, and luck of the scheduling. I can easily find some M1000 draws that are legitimately tougher than 3 out of 4 Nadal's US Open draws in which he won. 8-B 20 slams > 17 slams + 3 glorified ATP 250s.
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    Is Djokovic done on clay?

    He can't win RG. He could win masters and lesser titles, but won't because he says his main focus are slemz.
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    Nadal has won 18 of his last 20 finals

    What does that mean lol? So FO and US Open are Djokovic's two weakest slams, and USO is Nadal's 2nd best. Nadal has three titles combined at his 2 weakest slams, while Djokovic has 5 at his second best.
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    Should Djokovic skip the clay season?

    He's already the clay GOAT. There's nothing left to achieve on there for him, so I guess skip it, rest and prepare for the rest of the year.
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    Djokovic still unbeaten in 2021

    Still unbeaten on real tennis surfaces.
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    Djokovic to likely face Sinner for the first time in Monte Carlo

    6-3 6-4 Sinner. Djokovic will tank so he can peak for Belgrade.
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    Who did better in his first six matches against Rafa at RG?

    Yeah, I got confused for a moment there.
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    Who did better in his first six matches against Rafa at RG?

    Djokovic did better (and he won 5 sets, not 4.) Fed had it tougher.
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    Djokovic vs Roddick- who's the better Grass Courter?

    I beg to differ. Roddick's 7 hypothetical Wimbys if it wasn't for Fed > Djokovic's 5 Wimbys.
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    Who is the AO GOAT?

    4 more. And Novak has to play 3 more editions and win them (he's not going to do that) to surpass Fed's current total, provided Fed doesn't add more. I don't think Fed's consistency at the AO gets enough credit tbh...
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    Who is the AO GOAT?

    Fed has more wins at the event, so it's him for now. But if Djoker manages to overtake him, then it's settled.
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    If Nole wins 2021 Wimbledon should be morally awarded with 2020 title?

    Last I checked, Nadal is on a 16 year moral CYGS streak. Not happening, bud.
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    Does Djokovic have a great case for Best sportsman of 2010s decade?

    Berrettinni should get it because he displayed the highest level of tennis ever in the US Open 19 semi, but the humble fisherman was just too good.
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    Djoker Says Breaking Sampras' Year End #1 Record Is Not A High Priority. Going For Slam Wins.

    Ofc he's not intersted in it because Roger isn't the one with the record in that department, even though YE #1 holds more weight and is more difficult to achieve. Noel is just rubbing it in in Fed's face.
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    Most unexpected win of your favourite player

    2009 RG QF. I thought Toby Haas had him on the ropes for sure.