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    Graphene Touch Prestige Pro

    I don't understand why they offer a 93sq and a 95sq version that are both close to each other in terms of specs. I think it would have been better to release the 93 with 340gr unstrung and the other one as a real 98 with 315-325gr unstrung. Anyone with me? I did not consider the latest...
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    Could you please answer my two questions here (before I demo...)? 1. How is the grip shape of this racket? I heard Yonex is more round but I prefer Wilson (or similar). 2. Will it be an easy transition from a K6.1 95 16x18? I'm looking for something with a bigger head and sweetspot.
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    Looks just like the raquet I've been looking for. I hope it swings more like my 6.1 95 and not like the RF97A. However, what's up with these insane prices lately? Not too long ago I could buy new raqutes for 150-190$ and now almost every players frame is 220-250 :-(
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    The reason we have trash racquets is that hackers are using poly.

    I wish that all frames would be players frames so players would be forced to have a great technique to be successful. But that won't happen, unfortunately, and we will have to deal with trash rackets. And to be honest, trash rackets were around before poly strings became so popular. It has just...
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    Repeat after me - h2h is meaningless

    Yeah, it's all about the titles. Most people do not even know how these champions got there. They know the numbers or just that he/she is the greatest...
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    honeymoon: buy many racquets, then regret

    I'm playing with the same frames since 2006. Once in a while I try a new racket but somehow I have a hard time to find something that I like more than my K 6.1 95s. Just stick with a good one and don't demo anything else for a few years. You'll be fine... ;-)
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    Wilson 95 16x18 re-release?

    I want new 6.1 95s 16/18 too. I've been looking for a replacement but never found it. Still use my K-factors.
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    Prestige Pro - why doesn't Head turn it into a real "pro" ?

    In 25 years of tennis I never needed to customize any rackets. I don't need Head. They don't make the rackets I want and I stick with Wilson and their 330-340gr frames. I would try the PP if it was heavier, but why should I pay 200$ (400-600 actually) for an "unfinished" product (unfinished for...
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    Prestige Pro - why doesn't Head turn it into a real "pro" ?

    The Prestige used to be a heavy player's frame, about 340gr unstrung but these things are getting lighter and lighter and become less of a player's frame with each iteration. Head has enough 98-100sq frames which are about 290-315gr. Why don't they at least turn the Prestige Pro into a real...
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    Greater Wimbledon Champion - Fed vs Sampras?

    In a case as close as this one, it's hard to say that one of them was definitely better. They are both "Wimbledon kings".
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    I have developed the following ranking for the 12 greatest players in the open era

    Nadal started against a prime Federer and always had to deal with him since then. How's that not tough? Then again, I don't care about all this GOAT stuff. Those who usually get mentioned are all in the category of "greatest of all times". Be happy that we have such great ones as Fed...
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    When and where will Nadal get his next 4 GS's?

    I don't think it's that safe to say Nadal will win 18. He has a chance, but he is also injured regularly and everything but Roland Garros requires a "100% Nadal" to win, so... If he stays healthy and finds his form again, he could make it though. In that case, I'd say 3x French, 1x Australian...
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    Admit it.. You are bored with no healthy Nadal around

    It's always bad when a great player isn't around. Of course I miss Nadal, just as I would miss Djokovic, Federer or Murray if they were injured (or gone for some other reason). In this case, tennis is more exciting when Nadal is around. I don't see how anyone could possibly say something...
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    Jankovic to Federer: "Mind your own business"

    I read the whole interview and I don't see anything wrong with the things Jankovic said. To say that she doesn't have a right to make such statements is complete nonsense.
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    Lets Settle This: Best Racket Of All Time

    Wilson ProStaff 6.0 85 in my opinion. It's not the best for the modern game that we have today, but play with this racket just once and you know why it usually gets a lot of votes in such threads...