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    any filipinos here?

    thanks! i've found some funny jokes and added the site to my bookmarks.
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    any filipinos here?

    jokes site? where can i find pinoy jokes sites? i googled it already but wanted to know what you guys recommend. salamat!
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    your picture...

    I know it, I don't post as much like I used to. My last post was on May 2005 and will try not post again any time soon. I just want to keep it low :) Keep this thread alive!
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    Wouldn't Jedi Knights make excellent tennis players?

    that wasn't me, that's u!!!
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    dunksmash pics anyone?

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    customize grip size?

    have you guys done customization of your grip? i have a racquet and would like to give it to my nephew who has a bigger grip size than me. is it possible to customize a racquet grip? if so, what tools do i need? are there any tutorials or guides? thanks in advance! ps
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    Caption This!
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    *Spoiler* Safin vs. Federer

    i'm a fan of both players and i'm glad that this turned out to be a great match. i was rooting for safin on this match although before the match i know that federer was unstoppable, i was wrong. good for safin, he proved himself to level with federer. this is good for tennis, at least we know...
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    Roddick In The Semis

    federer didn't have a match with a top 30 player 'till quarters, right? how about sharapova, davenport, and mauresmo? correct me if i'm wrong :) don't know why all the hate directs to roddick only. i don't think it's intentional. if it is, shouldn't they give hewitt an easier draw than roddick...
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    Insert Caption

    "i thought i was playing with a ball kid"
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    Sweet *** Pic

    damn! do you need some attention or what? how many times are you gonna post this? you already posted this here: anyway, fed will fly through the finals if marat loses his temper again.
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    RSS Feeds?

    what's the best tennis RSS Feeds? thanks in advance!!!
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    Best tennis photos?

    can you rasterbate in color?
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    Netflix has tennis DVDs for rent

    netflix is the best online rental service i've tried. i also tried blockbuster and wal-mart but it takes a while before you get what you rented. netflix shipping is way faster than blockbuster and wal-mart. blockbuster also kinda cheats, you send 3 dvd's at the same time and you get 2 at the...