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  • Hi Peter, I see that you have made a lot of comments on my post! So I just want to clarify, Wilson Sends RF97s to P1 and P1 does their magic and then what Roger has in his had is *retail RF97 customized by P1* right? I also want to know what the other people were saying about your post. What did they say that made you have to keep saying the same thing over and over again?
    Hi Peter, I'm hoping you can have some influence on the new PJ for Roger's new racquet. I would like to see a carbon fibre matte look on most of the frame. Many like the idea and I put a 2x2 Carbon fibre skin on my new Dell XPS 15 laptop and let me tell you when I take it to coffee shops it gets tons of stares from everyone. It looks super sleek. I can even email I picture of how it looks to give you some ideas.
    Hi Peter, you previously posted me how to put lead inside the grip together with silicone, but in the new forum lay out I can not find it back! Could you please tell me once more? thanks!
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