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    Modern classics from 2010-present

    Phantom (pro) 93p
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    Tecnifibre TF40 (305) 16x19 2022

    I purchased the TF40 305 16x19, had two hitting sessions with it. If I had to describe it, it would be a blend of the G360+ prestige MP and pure strike 3rd gen 16x19, both of which I own. It is closer in feedback to the prestige, but closer in power and crispiness of the pure strike. IMO its a...
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    Racket journey + need recommendations

    Thanks for the responses. I agree, I am hoping to find one I really gel with and stick with it. Gonna demo the 360+ prestige MP and see how it goes. Cheers
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    Racket journey + need recommendations

    Hi all, In the past two years, I have really started playing more tennis, and really enjoying it. I've been addicted to new rackets and new strings, and I've recently hit a wall, and looking to switch to a new racket. I play recreationally, I'd say intermediate (my guess is 3.5, maybe 4.0 on a...
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    Prince Synergy - 18x18 pattern

    Update after restringing to hyper G 16 at 53 lbs and playing a few times. Racket feels really great now. Really does feel like controllable power, launch angle is lower now than with ice code, which is much appreciated. Used to have more tennis elbow issues but not with this racket! We’ll see...
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    Prince Synergy - 18x18 pattern

    I too have been playing with the Synergy, strung with Ice code 17G at 50 lbs. First time trying this string. The racket feels very comfortable and flexible. I do not feel that its a 330+ swingweight, wondering if its underspec. I think the strings are too lively, and my shots are going long...
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    Creature of habit using ALU Power for years. Sell me on something new to try.

    I’ve heard RS Lyon to be highly reviewed and similar to alu power!
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    Prince RipStick 300 - coming soon!

    Hi @TW Staff, Very curious about the Synergy 98. Could you comment on how it compares to Blade v7, Pure Strike, Head Speed, etc? I've been trying out the Pure strike 3rd gen 16x19, but looking for something with similar power potential but with more control and some more comfort? Could you...