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    does tungsten putty dampen racquet feel?

    My sleeper idea is to use memory foam. It's dense and has some weight to it and dampens quite well I find. Super easy to work with. It'll hold screws/nails in place well also if I needed to add a ton of weight in the butt. 1 old pillow was sacrificed and I'm set for life. Wilson...
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    104in racquets - are they Ok for 40+- years old amateur/intermediate players ?

    Thanks. A 105 Yonex seems not necessary but will try. I played with a Yonex Ezone AI 100 a few years back that played like an OS as the sweet spot was huge with more forgiveness than I need. Moved on from it as it felt too unwieldly and lacking in control with the thick beam and open string...
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    104in racquets - are they Ok for 40+- years old amateur/intermediate players ?

    @Injured Again I did demo the SW104 and couldn't wield it due to the high SW. It was too powerful and hard to control which I attributed to the extended length also as it does have a tighter 18x19 pattern. I'm still looking to find a Blade 104 V6 for the same 18x19 pattern as the V7 16x19 is...
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    104in racquets - are they Ok for 40+- years old amateur/intermediate players ?

    Great info in this thread. Didn't realize there's a player OS class of racquets and it may help to find what I'm looking for. Being a spin player with a 1HBH, I feel my OS options are somewhat limited as the racquet needs to move easily through the air with some stability to help the backhand...
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    104in racquets - are they Ok for 40+- years old amateur/intermediate players ?

    So many variables. Would be helpful to know more info about your game. 1 or 2 handed backhand? SE or SW FH grip? Baseline only? Current racquet String crosses with a softer string like multi or syngut. This should open up the sweet spot a bit making it more forgiving given it's an...
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    Gut/poly improves almost any racquet (?)

    The hoop on the Pure Strike is very stiff so it needs a softer poly cross for better feel. RPM is too stiff I think. Head Hawk Touch 17 worked really well in that frame for me.
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    A racquet not too demanding for a senior 4.5/5.0

    Blade 101L, Blade 100UL, Blade 98L. Similar DNA to what you're using now which swings easy through the air and decent feel and comfort. I'm playing all 3 right now as a trial to go lighter also. My old spec was 340gm 7HL. These current frames are in the 315-325gm and more headlight after...
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    Gut/poly improves almost any racquet (?)

    Nat gut is so elastic so that's not a concern at all. It's so durable in playability for this very reason if your crosses are slick.
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    Gut/poly improves almost any racquet (?)

    Gut/poly ends up being cheaper for me as its playability lasts forever. I often restring the poly crosses when they die reversing the weave to avoid the notches on the gut mains. I string the poly crosses at tension that I would have strung full bed. The gut mains ends up being some 6-12lbs...
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    Cant find a good racquet.

    Blade 100UL v7 has surprised me after buying some on sale as a platform racquet to mess around with. Good thing I didn't see the 70 stiffness rating as that would have scared me off. I've added about 25g to the butt with heavier grip and memory foam and screws stuffed. It's very stable and...
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    Do spin racquets really make that much of a difference?

    They do provide more spin but with way too many compromises. Had the Wilson Steam 99S during the spin craze. With less crosses to stabilize the mains (less friction too), launch angles tend to be higher and less consistent. One compensates making contact with the ball at a steeper angle...
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    Advice on switching from gut poly hybrid to full bed copoly

    Head Hawk Touch 17. Soft and compliments the gut well. Will give you a bit more power. HHT17 full bed is nice too though it won't last as long and won't give you more spin either.
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    Modern racquet for 1hbh

    As an experiment, I bought a 2013 Wilson Blade 101L for cheap to play around as it's 275gm unstrung. After some lead and nails in the handle, it's 330gm 7HL strung. It's my fav currently and surprisingly good for my 1HBH too. Very comfy and I can get more spin on the backhand than my other...
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    Modern racquet for 1hbh

    The TF40 315 was top of my list for my 1HBH also. I did find it a tad too unwieldy but that could come down to QC. So an underspec'ed version could be perfect for me. The other option I'm considering is getting the TF40 305 and add a heavier grip to it. TW say it's an easier swinging racquet...
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    Softish racket with sweet spot towards tip

    A lot of trial and error. I've strung crosses up top as much as 10lbs less than center and as little as 4lbs less. 10lbs is with a poly cross and a very tight 21 crosses pattern that's not spaced out much up top. 4lbs is with a soft cross, multi or syngut, with a more open pattern up top...