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    Sampras racket break

    Yeah, what a bore. Didn't wear mullet extensions, didn't snort crystal meth, never came to a match hung over, didn't complain much about the umpiring. I mean, the ONLY thing this guy was good for was...uhm...winning.
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    Murray superior to Federer in every aspect of the game apart from the forehand

    I hope you don't mind me taking the liberty of fixing your post.
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    Have you ever thought about looks this way?

    She is absolutely skeletal. There is no doubt about that. Put your damn glasses on and LOOK. The emaciated look is about as far from "healthy and fit" as one can get. It sounds to me like you are sorely in need of a shot of Sir Mix A Lot...
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    Have you ever thought about looks this way?

    I never heard of her, but I checked the www and to tell you the truth, I can't agree with this... Just another stick-girl, from a long line of nutritionally-challenged skeletons. What ever happened to MEAT on a...
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    Do you have any tatoos?

    This is what they all say. Maybe true in some cases, but in most, a pathetic attempt at trying to "fit in" or simply a desperate plea for attention.
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    TW Texas Division

    Or maybe they're too embarrassed to publicly admit that they're from the "great" state of Texas?
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    Elizabeth Lambert is the best!

    Gawd,'re as bad (worse, I'd guess) as I am. First question I asked myself as I watched her WWF highlight film, was "But can she sustain such intensity in the bedroom?" She's more like JACK Lambert out there on the pitch!
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    Court ettiquette, using the court as a locker room

    Yeah, I agree. What's the difference as long as he stays on the sidelines? If he gets hit with the ball, that's his problem. Maybe a couple shots over his way will get him to button his fly a little quicker, but otherwise, fuggetaboudit. If you have some kind of concentration-challenged...
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    When is it too cold to play outside?

    Under 35 degrees and the experience of playing turns kind of miserable (though not completely so since, well...I AM still playing tennis!).
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    There ARE "Heros" in Sportsland...

    The next (and umpteenth) time you read about some spoiled-ass criminal type in the guise of "professional athlete", take heed and have faith...there are great ones out there. Just think of Hines Ward-not only a superior performer and champion on the field, but a tremendous human being off...
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    Best Driving Song?

    These all make fine driving songs: ZZ Top, La Grange The Allman Bros., One Way Out Parliament... And the winner...
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    Chang vs. Hewitt

    Hewitt gets the nod for volleys, by a long shot. Chang simply didn't volley while Hewitt has, over the years, become a pretty capable player at the net. No Pete Sampras, but not at all bad for a baseline retriever type of player. Mental toughness? Hard to say on that one. Very even.
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    Who Will Win in TOKYO ???

    If today is any indication-and I spent a most pleasant 12 hours watching match after match-then Beyrdych is going to retain his title. The guy's an absolute monster. Del Potro was an absolute waste (and has been for the last three years I've seen him play there). Maybe he's still hung over...
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    5 greatest musical geniuses

    Sir, I heartily agree with your selections! Centuries from now, when the word "genius" is mentioned, the names Dio, Peart and Rock (Kid) will roll off the tongue every bit as easily as Mozart, Ludwig von, Lennon-McCartney and all other pretenders to the Throne.
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    Contest : Who is going to post the picture of the most amazing/exotic tennis court ?!

    Tokyo, Japan (not all that "exotic", but the only tennis court photos I have): The Entrance: The Court from various vantage points: