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    Let's NEVER say Fed's competition was weak

    It's not the way that true champions do things though. They want to beat the best to become the best.
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    Happy 40th Birthday, Lleyton Hewitt!

    I feel old knowing that Hewitt has turned 40.
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    Let's NEVER say Fed's competition was weak

    So true. The records shall show that Novak Djokovic was the true beneficiary of a weak era.
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    Is Federer’s 4 Consecutive Years of Winning at least 2 Grand Slams underrated?

    OP, you just got your answer in this post.
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    Slamless Medvedev to reach no1?

    I would've thought that the slimy Serb wants to hold onto No 1 throughout this year, to set the record for most Y-E No 1's.
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    What are Federer & Company's biggest regrets?

    Only thing I'm going to say, as a fellow PETE fan, is that Nole is by no means his protege. Completely different styles.
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    What are Federer & Company's biggest regrets?

    I'm pretty sure that Federer, GOAT of the game, shall walk away from the sport with the sentiment expressed below.
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    Djokovic is in a slow decline, but his fans don't acknowledge it yet

    Of course he's declining. The issue is, he's facing the weakest young generation the game has ever known, so he's still able to pick up slams. :whistle:
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    Is Federer crazy for coming back?

    Federer is GOAT of the game, yet only plays for love of the sport. He shall come back and enlighten / entertain us all again. And could well snag another title at SW19, mere months shy of his 40th birthday. Agreed upon by all objective tennis observers.
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    Some Hard Truths

    Yeah, the Olympics > WTF was the only real misstep in the OP. Some very good points in general.
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    Who's greater: Nole or Rafa?

    I see, yes we can note most of the obvious fanboys of the two players voting for their fave. (Lew a notable exception)
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    Who's greater: Nole or Rafa?

    Why not?
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    Men's Hall of Fame Breakdown by Decade (OE)

    Noah really stands out (in a bad way) in the 80s crop.