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    grip advice

    Tourna overgrips are the best grips for sweaty hands. You might also want to bring a towel while you're playing to wipe off your hands. Or just wipe your hands onto your shirts/pants before gripping the racquet again.
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    Prostaff 6.1 for $40?

    Somehow, I couldn't access that album. It just redirects me to the main page of photobucket.
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    What's In Your Bag? [Merged]

    Racquet side: 2 racquets tennis balls new can of tennis balls tennis shoes Other side: 2 water bottles some snacks extra shirt towel empty tennis ball can to put trash in when trashcans aren't near Accessory side: band-aid anti-septic spray (to spray on wounds when there isn't any water...
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    I need a new pair of shoes... suggestions?

    These Barricades are only $84USD. I haven't bought myself a pair of V's, but I do have II's and they're pretty good. Just without the 6 month sole warranty. You might also want to buy an ankle brace is ankle rolling occurs a lot while...
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    Prostaff 6.1 for $40?

    6.1 for that much? Wow, it has to be a great deal, but I do suggest you ask the seller for pictures of possible cracks (if there is any). If there isn't, you should definitely buy it. I bought mines for $140~$150 a few months after it was released.
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    My Headsize is too small!

    Like everyone is saying, 95" isn't small for a 2HBH. It's probably your technique that's making you either frame the shot or making the ball fly to another court.
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    TW racquetbags as school book bags?

    Well, I wouldn't really suggest wearing a racquet bag with backpack straps to school because they're pretty big. You're better off just buying a separate racquet bag for when you're not in school. Just bring your tennis racquet with some balls in your normal backpack that you bring to school.
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    Oh no, Blisters.

    Tourna grips are known to give blisters. You might want to switch to Wilson Pro Overgrip or Yonex Supergraps. Also, if the blister is occuring on your fingers, put a band-aid on and wrap the band-aid with a layer of athletic tape.
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    is a racquet strung 20 times alot?

    Wow, 2-3 times a week? You must be one heck of a hard hitter. :lol:
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    Post your shoes

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    I'm scared to volley

    I was in your shoes for a little while until I overcame my fears. What happened when I volleyed for the first time was a ball right to my... yes, that's where it went. Got scared for a little while until just about a month or 2 ago when I started running up and volleying for my point. I don't...
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    De-waterlogging tennis balls

    I have never heard of a water-proof ball so I can't answer your question. Usually, when it starts to pour like crazy here, I stop playing because playing in the rain will just put more weight on your arm due to the water.
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    Question for Fischer lovers

    I played with this racquet awhile back when I had the chance to. It's exactly similar to my Fischer M Speed Pro No.1 racquet but with the 'No Tolerance' thing. You might want to try it out if you get the chance to. I find it a great racquet.
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    2HBH has allowed me to play tennis again!

    Welcome to the 2HBH club!
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    Which Overgrip Company Do You Use?

    Wilson Pro Overgrip and Yonex Supergraps.